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Congressman And CC Alum Jerrold Nadler Condemns BDS

Congressman Nadler (not what he looked like back in '69)

Congressman Nadler (not what he looked like back in ’69)

United States Congressman representing New York’s 10th Congressional District and CC ’69 alum Jerrold Nadler released a statement earlier today condemning the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) movement currently occurring on campus. BDS is an international campaign, and Nadler’s letter denounces its mission, as well as directly addresses actions of Columbia students.

Nadler speaks out against the phrase “Long Live the Intifada,” which a supporting organization of CUAD recently published on Facebook. Nadler applauds the efforts of campus groups working against the movement “in an intelligent and respectful way.” You can read his full statement on Medium.

Columbia falls within the district Nadler represents, and his son is a recent graduate.

Photo By U.S. Congress

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  • US Hist Major says:

    @US Hist Major not to be a total dick but he’s a United States Congressman representing NY, not an NYS congressman. Kind of a big difference.

    1. Finn Klauber says:

      @Finn Klauber Clarified this. Thank you for pointing out the vagueness.

  • Congress Condemns CUAD... When will Columbia? says:

    @Congress Condemns CUAD... When will Columbia? A group calls for violence. We’re waiting.

  • Big Deal! says:

    @Big Deal! Would any elected officials support the violent CUAD movement?

  • whose dad is the lobbyist that paid him to write this statement says:

    @whose dad is the lobbyist that paid him to write this statement not a joke

    1. Nadler is a progressive democrat says:

      @Nadler is a progressive democrat so… he just naturally condemns groups that call for the indiscriminate killing of civilans. Makes pretty logical sense.

  • These Jews are part of the problem says:

    @These Jews are part of the problem Fake Jewish Progressives claim they stand for liberal causes but don’t care about real issues.

    1. CUAD Member says:

      @CUAD Member This is anti-Semitism and is not welcome or encouraged by CUAD. Criticize the Congressman for the (inaccurate) content of his statement and not for his ethnoreligious identity.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous you are bad

        1. lost faith in this school says:

          @lost faith in this school SERIOUSLY, anonymous?!

      2. lol says:

        @lol “ethnoreligious identity” – glad to see sjp finally came up with a term for jews, since you’ve been telling people all week that the jews aren’t a people, they’re a religion. but nadler isn’t religious, and he is a jew, so you guys have yourself in a bind. love to see you post-colonialists colonizing the identities of others while criticizing antisemitism. you guys can’t even be good people without being huge dicks.

        1. CUAD Member says:

          @CUAD Member When you describe me as a ‘post-colonialist colonizing the identities of __others__’, you assume I am not Jewish. You are wrong. Moreover, you don’t actually articulate a criticism of the term used — you just criticize those you assume are the ones using it, explicitly because you perceive them to be __others__. This doesn’t bear up under scrutiny.

          The term itself is accurate, as I’m sure you would concede. There are secular and religious Jews, on this campus, in Israel, and throughout the world.

  • Die Proddie Scum says:

    @Die Proddie Scum Can’t we all just agree that it’s the Proddies who are the issue? They’ve been keeping us God-fearing non heathens down for 1000 years and I fore one am sick of it. Down with WASPS!

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