The only Carlton arms we want to be in

Housing reviews continue with this redheaded stepdaughter of Columbia housing: Carlton Arms. Where is it? Who knows. Who lives there? No clue. Is it a solid place to live? That’s where we come in. So just sit back, relax, and embrace Carlton Arms.

Location: 362 Riverside Drive

Nearby dorms: Carlton is so remote it isn’t even included in the university’s MoHi campus map. Located on 108th and Riverside, your nearest CU neighbors will be in Harmony.

Stores and restaurants: Mezzogiorno, Absolute Bagels, Cannon’s, Verizon

Cost: $8,522/year

Amenities: Bike storage in basement

Bathrooms: Private bathrooms in each suite.

AC/Heating: No AC, but a couple of people have gotten away with having a unit on their window anyway according to a thread on reddit. There is heat in the winter.

Kitchen/Lounge: Private kitchen per suite.

Laundry: In basement.

Computers/Printers: Available in lobby.

Gym: Your walk to anything else on campus.

Intra-transportation: There is an elevator, but there are only three floors. Don’t be a tool. Use the stairs.

Hardwood/Carpet: “non-carpeted” according to the university website.

Room Variety:

Singles and doubles. Doubles range between 200-300 square feet.Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.47.01 AM


Carlton Arms is a popular dorm for transfer and graduate students. We are not sure what kind of number you must get to end up here as an undergrad, but it probably sucks.

Bwog Recommendation:

Unless you are looking to always be late to class, have convenient access to the shitty part of lower Broadway dining, and overall be completely remote from campus, this should not be on your housing wish list. The rooms are nicely sized, however its distance from campus isn’t practical.

Resident Opinions:

  • “farthest columbia dorm from campus. I wouldn’t call it an “absolute dump”…it’s not the nicest dorm but it’s far from the worst.”
  • “Nobody cares about the “no AC” rule in Carlton arms because it’s so removed from campus.”
  • “The kitchens were just redone and are pretty nice. I have an individual room, but about half the rooms are doubles. They’re pretty large – I’m from Los Angeles, so I was worried about NYC apartments, but haven’t had space issues. There’s small common areas in each suite, but there’s only like 3 chairs in them. There’s a large international student presence in the building, which is interesting, but has prevented me from becoming friends with most of my suite mates”

Unfortunately, Bwog was unable to locate or take any images of the inside of Carlton Arms, however MooMooNooby has uploaded a video of his CA single.

Fresh Prince of MoHi via Fresh Prince of Bel Air