what place looks like this?

Or, shit Bwog’s notes look like

At this time of year, when we look back on our notes in preparation of midterms, we occasionally find funny, trivial, and downright unrelated content in the margins of our notebooks. Below is a sample of some of our favorite content, courtesy of the sleepy, uninterested students of Bwog.

Page headers aren’t real notes:

  • “Fuck the French tho”
  • “more latin yay”
  • “I Kant even”
  • “J.J. Rousseau’s Place”

Help, our notes are falling asleep:

  • “judged by juries, who believe”
  • “Do people ever elect someone they don’t?”
  • “God creates good things because”

Sometimes we can’t pay attention:

Professors say the darndest things:

  • “Manchego is the absolute best kind of cheese”
  • “The actual information content of what I’m saying is incredibly low”
  • “Well would bestiality be okay if I owned the horse?”

Finally, we have no idea what was going on when we wrote:

  • “go around the backside and you find some cool shit like a Pelican … (Pelican symbolizes christ?)”
  • “If you just use the one wire, it wobbles, creating a vibrator”
  • Christ went down to heaven, caused an Earthquake, Vergil was there”