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SSI Protest On Low Against Mock Apartheid Wall

In response this week’s mock apartheid wall as a part of this year’s Israeli Apartheid Week, Students Supporting Israel (SSI) constructed a Pinocchio display on College Walk directly across from the mock wall. This follows Israeli Apartheid flyer vandalization earlier this week. A tipster sent us the photo below of the display as of early this afternoon. The display is believed to be an $800 blow-up doll.

According to a source, SSI was recently formed by a GS student and only has a handful of active members. They may be considered the “right-wing fringe” for the pro-Israel movement. Please note that SSI is not affiliated with Aryeh, Hillel, or other pro-Israel groups on campus.

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  • anon says:

    @anon Damn SSI got to this comment section fast, huh?

  • Daniel Cheren; CU SIA '86 says:

    @Daniel Cheren; CU SIA '86 In what way is SSI — “Right Wing”?

    How is supporting a Democracy, however flawed, that allows for free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of political organization, freedom of opposition, and free elections — considered “Right Wing”?

    How is supporting a political party (either Fatah or Hamas) which subverts all of these freedoms, which supports terrorism, which actively indoctrinates its children to racial and sectarian hatred, which celebrates as heroes and financially rewards people who commit racially based murder (as how else do you characterize seeking to kill a person whom you do not know, for the sole reason that such person is perceived as being a Jew?) — considered to be “Progressive” or in advancing human rights?

    Who are these people that rave on about the dire straits of the poor Palestinian people, yet seem utterly oblivious to the fact that Palestinians had manifold opportunities to create an independent State but chose not to.

    On what basis to these fanatics fulminate over the injustice of this barrier to terror while ignoring the obvious fiasco of Israel’s complete withdrawal from Gaza in 2005; its dismantling every last settlement, and evacuating every last settler — only to have Hamas begin a campaign of missile launches, mortar salvos, sniper attacks and hostage taking from that “liberated” territory directed against Israeli civilians?

    I can only wonder whether college students these days consider learning about the history of a political issue before developing an opinion on it — or is it purely a matter of knee jerk emotional reactions unsullied by reason, fact or logical analysis?

  • The Real Alexandra says:

    @The Real Alexandra This is the actual SSI cofounder Alexandra speaking. Although I applaud everything the other Alexandra said, she is not me, but someone of the same name.

    I find this article not only appalling but defamatory and full of falsehoods.

    1) The pinnochio was donated by a friend of Rudy’s, who runs Artists for Israel. The banners were loaned to us by StandWithUs. Yes, we got it for FREE. All of it.

    2) Implicitly accusing us of vandalizing the fliers is libel and warrants legal action if the accusation isn’t taken down. We had nothing to do with the ApartheidDivest poster vandalism. In fact, I didn’t even know about it until I read this article. SSI firmly believes in free speech, which is why we never shouted down any anti-Israel speaker or CUAD demonstration no matter how hateful or full of lies we found it. I’m sure the security camera footage can confirm our innocence. So yeah, framing us isn’t going to work here.

    3) I have no idea how anyone construes us as right wing extremists. We don’t take a side on the one/two state solution issue, and we believe firmly in coexistence which is the opposite of the right wing (Kahanist) stance on Israel. I think it makes us inclusive, not extremist. We have done nothing this semester to show that we are extremist, come to our events or visit us at our setup this week and see for yourself. If you think actually changing the climate on this campus and not being passive or silent is extremist, you are what’s wrong with pro-Israel advocacy today, you are the reason why Israel is losing on college campuses. We are past the point off”if we are quiet they will go away.” They aren’t going away, so we have no choice but to show we are here and have a different point of view we believe is worth listening to. We refuse to stay silent and stand passive in the face of lies and defamation. If we do, we are making them appear unopposed and therefore people will assume they are necessarily right. We are here to promote peaceful dialogue and establish a presence on campus, not start World War III. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to understand for some people.

    Instead of fighting people who are on our side, we need to focus on fighting the lies, libel, bigotry, and incitement that is coming out of SJP, JVP, and their ilk. The other pro-Israel groups on campus who insist on distancing from us have nothing to gain from doing so.

    1. Daniel Cheren; CU SIA '86 says:

      @Daniel Cheren; CU SIA '86 As a product of the 1960s and 1970s, I am frankly befuddled by this whole “Right wing” – “Left wing/progressive” thing.

      Back in MY day, those of us who called ourselves Leftists were in favor of democracy, rights, freedom of speech, and dissent.

      Then, we felt that political ideologies that were opposed to free elections, racial and religious diversity, and preached violence and intolerance were BAD things.

      We believed that in order to achieve a better more peaceful planet, people should resolve conflicts non-violently, through dialogue, mutual understanding, and a willingness to compromise.

      Somewhere, somehow, as my waistline expanded and hairline receded, apparently while my attention was diverted by job and family — this all got flipped around.

      Now, it is the “RIGHT WING” (at least as characterized by campus fascists) who are in favor of all that used to be “progressive”; and the LEFTISTS are out in force condemning a democracy against the reactionary ideologies espoused by the PA (Fatah) and Hamas.

    2. Come on now says:

      @Come on now Honey, the claim that your little college club took down some pieces of paper is not “libel” and does not warrant “legal action.”

      Also, no one “implicitly” accused you of anything. Only you did that to yourself.

      1. Mina says:

        @Mina Well, but to be honest, writing that “Pinocchio display… follows Israeli Apartheid flyer vandalization earlier this week” is a slick use of language that can suggest to people who don’t know what’s going on that these two actions are somehow related…
        Anyways, Alexandra, hope you and SSI don’t get discouraged by people who are only good in talking- because action is what we need. SJP is acting it is time for some Israel supporters to show some presence on this campus without apologizing.

        1. non-SSI israel supporter at CU says:

          @non-SSI israel supporter at CU “it is time for some Israel supporters to show some presence on this campus without apologizing.”

          yeah we’re not taking any cues from Naftali Bennett.

          1. SSI-supporting Columbia student says:

            @SSI-supporting Columbia student Care to elaborate on what you mean by that?

    3. nobody buy this shit. says:

      @nobody buy this shit. Alexandra you are an active contributor to Canary Mission, the most disgusting, racist form of McCarthyism I have ever seen. For those of you that don’t know this is a website that writes libelous profiles about Palestine activists across the country and profilerates the profiles to prevent them from getting employment.

      For those wondering about “the legally actionable libel” there are multiple lawsuits right now against canary mission, almost as ironic as that stupid Pinocchio being an anti semiotic symbol.

      There are also harassment complaints being lodged against you for taking videos of students without their consent as a form of intimidation and silencing.

      You are a violent racist. So bye

      1. Koral says:

        @Koral Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like SSI, but anti-Semitism is actually a dangerous thing. That said, so is Islamaphobia. Let’s all remember one thing. There are people treating us like shit we should stop fighting and start being united against all extremism

  • But Israel Tho says:

    @But Israel Tho You act as if Israel isn’t being targeted by terrorists in the midst of the conflict with Palestine. They are.

  • Mina says:

    @Mina SSI “right-wing fringe”? Are you guys ok? They have many chapters across the country, with left, right, center, Jewish, non-Jewish activists… and they did something to oppose SJP. What did you guys do besides issuing statements?…

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous let’s talk about this chapter, shall we?

      1. Mina says:

        @Mina Sure, we can talk about it. What I see is a group of students (SSI) that did something visible and creative to oppose SJP/BDS on campus. I solute them for the initiative and for taking action.
        On the other hand, this blog sounds like a rant about some ego issue between groups. Instead of showing a united pro-Israel front, it divides the pro-Israel community on your campus. This blog was fast in declaring that the other groups are not affiliated with the display, but I wish these groups were as fast in responding to all the anti-Israel events on campus… maybe then Columbia would not be known as one of the worst campuses for Israel. Whoever wrote this post has to grow up and get over it, and start working together. Israel groups need coalition building, and how can you do it with other groups if even among yourselves you publicly complain about each other…

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous tell me, do you want to victim-blame some more?

  • Steve says:

    @Steve Also, the Palestinian side describes themselves as “human rights activists.”

    The Israeli side describes themselves as “zionists.”

    So guess which side random idiots support?

    The Israeli side should be describing themselves ALSO as “human rights activists” and then promoting the fact Jews have the same right to self-determination as Muslims have established across 50+ Muslim countries.

  • Steve says:

    @Steve Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc should be teaming up and creating ARAB APARTHEID WEEK or MUSLIM APARTHEID WEEK.

    That should be the response.

    Also, there should be PALESTINIAN APARTHEID WEEK which showcases the fact that Gaza erased all their Jews, the West Bank demands that all Jews leave, and Palestinians reject Jewish human rights, etc

  • Steve says:

    @Steve Really confusing response by the pro-Israel side. It isn’t even clear what they’re saying.

    The anti-Israel side makes CLEAR, DIRECT anti-Israel statements.

    The pro-Israel side has cryptic strange responses. Look at the sign on the Pinnochio. It doesn’t even make a clear statement in support of Israel, and it doesn’t make a clear statement against Arab or Islamic racism/apartheid.

    The pro-Israel side is losing for this reason.

    I am saying this as a pro-Israel person. This stuff is driving me crazy.

  • Nazistinian supporter says:

    @Nazistinian supporter This is just the beginning. SJP the lies and hate you project make you and any supporter of BDS the new nazis. You want publicity you got it. But don’t cry about the ramifications.

    Signed pissed off critical thinker.

    1. actual member of the columbia pro-israel community says:

      @actual member of the columbia pro-israel community i don’t know what this means but after reading it i need a fucking drink.

      1. But Israel Tho says:

        @But Israel Tho Actual supporter- same. Crazy mother f’er OP: chill. I don’t like BDS or CUAD or SJP or Jewish Voice for Palestine… But like calm the fuck down

  • Julia Wexler says:

    @Julia Wexler What response would be appropriate?
    Israeli Apartheid Week was initiated by pro-BDS groups and other groups to encourage mistruths about Israel. It is NOT an apartheid state. This is a lie, and it encourages other lies, which have evidenced violence toward Jews (Zionists and non-Zionists we all are hated apparently). To spread these lies on campus, where ironically truth is supposedly taught is sad. We are calling out the truth – is it too loud for you? Our sincere apologies. Perhaps you can BAN VIOLENT EXTREMISM for any cause? Innocent Israelis die daily from these lies. Peaceful coexistence is all we seek. Respectful dialogue to work on problems. If a solution is truly what is sough, versus simply more violence against Jews.

  • Alexandra says:

    @Alexandra instead of uniting with SSI (Students Supporting Israel) you write this complete nonsense article. Pinocchio is a stroke of brilliance on their part and Aryeh, Hillel, or other pro-Israel groups on campus should take note, unite and fight the bigotry and anti-semitism. How can Columbia University be pronounced the #1 anti-semitic college in US?!

    1. lol says:

      @lol are you aware the pinocchio is a long standing antisemitic trope?

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous aryeh, hillel, and other pro-israel groups should take note from a group that makes a mockery of their cause?

    3. hi Alexandra! says:

      @hi Alexandra! Nice to see the cofounder of ssi patting herself on the back on bwog. Xoxo, a true Zionist jew

      1. But Israel Tho says:

        @But Israel Tho Amen. PS for all those who think Zionism has a mystical definition: Zionism is support for the Jewish state. K

      2. Fuck off Alexandra says:

        @Fuck off Alexandra You have been intimidating students at the SSI table by filming them with your iPhone without consent. Don’t think that no one facing your abuse isn’t taking note.

    4. Jafar says:

      @Jafar Actually Columbia is pronounced ” k uh – l UH m – b ee – uh “

  • Sandy Wasserman says:

    @Sandy Wasserman Sadly, whoever wrote the text to this article on the BWOG staff is quite uniformed! SSI is not a ‘right wing group!’ The letters SSI, stands for Students Supporting Israel! Those of all ages, all stripes of Judaism, and even outside the Jewish community who support Israel are not necessarily right wing. It’s sad that the measure by your staff of someone, anyone, who supports Israel ‘must’ be right wing, is so preposterous! I now do wonder – are those who write for this online publication CU students? Are they in some remedial program at CU, or are they bone fide CU students??

    1. actual member of the columbia pro-israel community says:

      @actual member of the columbia pro-israel community Come on, the kid thinks that the two state solution is anti-zionist. that’s right wing on any scale.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Hey there! I’m not a kid! I’m 71 but a kid at heart. IF you’ve read any Middle East history at all, which it’s pretty clear even from your short comment and stand on this issue, you have not, you’d be aware first of all, that the Palestinians have never wanted anything resembling a 2 state solution and have turned down all attempt and offers of having a state of their own. From Day #1, 1948 – the Arabs said, “No” to the UN resolution declaring Israel a state. They want ‘from the river to the sea,’ which means ALL of Israel, so sorry- your faulty history leaves much to be desired. Hope you do better on your term papers and your final as far as learning the course material is concerned.

        1. actual member of the columbia pro-israel community says:

          @actual member of the columbia pro-israel community 1. I was talking about rudy

          2. I’m very impressed at your ability to draw all those conclusions about me from one comment. You’ve used those 71 years so well!

  • Hahaha says:

    @Hahaha SJP is such a joke, the whole apartheid lie is such a joke. Just arrogant college students who know nothing about Israel or the Palestinians, and want to feel good about themselves by pretending reality fits into their immature conception of it. The Pinocchio thing gives as m respect to SJP and JVP as they deserve

    1. well actually says:

      @well actually the pinocchio was taken down cause it violates policy suck it hater

      1. Conspiracy theory says:

        @Conspiracy theory Maybe SJP and JVP started SSI. Their tactics are just as crazy!

      2. Daniel Cheren; CU SIA '86 says:

        @Daniel Cheren; CU SIA '86 In what way does the “Pinocchio” violate a policy that does not similarly prohibit the half-witted depiction of the so-called “apartheid wall”?

    2. Student of the Jewish Prophets says:

      @Student of the Jewish Prophets We are required by the prophets to show respect toward all, especially the less fortunate. To deny the mistreatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza cannot be denied. Even if one disagrees with SJP’s tactics, or with some of their views (such as Israel being an Apartheid State, which it is not), you have no right to treat them badly. If they speak badly of Jews and Israel, prove them wrong by acting morally, not by attacking back.

    3. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous thanks rudy

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