Meet your future medical students, investment bankers, and, as of last night, period pundits. Early this morning, Bwog was tipped about a heated discussion happening in the Columbia Class of 2016 Facebook group. Last night, CCSC Student Body President Ben Makansi, CC ’16, posted a Google Doc titled, “Reasons Why Pads are Necessary in Addition to Tampons,” as a way to “crowdsource” the evidence that CCSC apparently needs to provide Health Services. As some commenters pointed out, it seems odd that Health Services of all places would need to know the various reasons that menstruating people use pads instead of tampons (and vice versa), considering that Health Services is supposed to be familiar with the concept of menstruation. All this comes after CCSC made free tampons available to CC & SEAS students.

You can read the full Facebook thread below, complete with doubts about male privilege, shoutouts to Bwog, and more than a few memes.