After spring break CU students will finally be able to bleed for free.

After spring break CU students will finally be able to bleed for free.

Change is upon us, both in the weather and our bathrooms. After speaking out against Tampons and shitty toilet paper, we can finally put them behind us (literally).

After communicating our concerns to the university, CCSC has announced:

  1. Regular and super tampons will be available for students to pick up starting after spring break at Student Health Services in John Jay.
  2. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Triple-Ply (thicker toilet paper) will be available for pick up at the Hartley Hospitality Desk. Students can take as many as five rolls per day, and should expect to be able to wipe with confidence starting today!
  3. Students will also have digital access to Digital NY Times after winter break using their unis, although this date is a bit inflexible (stay tuned for emails).

Hey Columbia College,

Here are the minutes from our general body meetings. Among other things during our last meeting, we passed this resolution to make Cannon’s more accessible to students beyond freshmen and Manhattan College people.

Other stuff:

1. Free Tampons
Standard and super size tampons will be available for pick-up at Health Services in John Jay, projected to begin after spring break. Over winter break, I had this idea and reached out to women I knew on campus for feedback. Viv then contacted VP for Campus Services Scott Wright, who coordinated a meeting with me, Michael McNeil from Columbia Health and Caroline Park from ESC. Based on feedback and usage, there may be a conversation about putting dispensers elsewhere on campus, as there currently are for contraception.

2. Digital NY Times
This was an effort started by much work from last year’s VP for Finance Michael Li and CCSC President Peter Bailinson, then continued by our VP Finance Sameer Mishra. No more using different browsers, deleting cookies, going incognito and all that. Like tampons, the projected launch date is after spring break but that’s less certain for digital NY Times than it is for tampons, so we’ll keep updating you on that. Students will be able to use their UNIs to get digital access – what exactly that process looks like is another thing we’ll update you on. Funding for this is coming from the student councils and Housing.

3. Toilet Paper Update
Thank you to everyone who got behind our push for thicker toilet paper by signing our roll call. The administration has listened and we are happy to report that Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Triple-Ply toilet paper is now available for pick-up at Hartley Hospitality Desk! Each student may retrieve up to 5 rolls per day.

Take care and reach out at any time!


Camp Gyno via Always