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Addressing Sensitive Images in Bwog Posts

In light of the recently removed post regarding alcohol in Kappa Alpha Theta’s brownstone, Bwog’s Editor in Chief, Mason Amelotte, has resigned from all involvement with Bwog, effective immediately. The post was created in poor taste, without considering the full implications it may have for the woman in the photograph. As an organization that strives to provide unbiased, relevant news on campus, Bwog’s decision to post this image centered on what an image like this may mean for the Greek community. Ultimately, in the case of a weighty post, such as the one which formerly contained a sensitive image, Bwog should obtain consent from the individuals directly involved prior to posting. Moving forward, Rachel Deal has been appointed to serve as the Interim Editor in Chief for the remainder of the semester.



Gabrielle Lipson
Director of Communications

Nikolas Huth
Associate Publisher

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  • bc16 says:

    @bc16 hahahhahahahahahaaa

    1. LMAO says:

      @LMAO Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • CC16 says:

    @CC16 lmao

  • GS16 says:

    @GS16 ha

    1. Karma says:

      @Karma Bye Felicia χθχθ

  • bc19 says:

    @bc19 wow!!!

  • pupin in butler says:

    @pupin in butler Back in the day, Bwog mattered enough that comments on this type of post would have been in the 40s by now. doin’ my part.

  • Thanks says:

    @Thanks This made my day :)

  • also cc16 says:

    @also cc16 1) yes the post was in poor taste, but it’s not like bwog normally holds itself to the standards of journalism anyway.

    2) the image was already disseminated through social media before bwog got its hands on it…the fault lies with the person who decided it was a good idea to snapchat such an image to his/her/their “friends”

    1. Thanks says:

      @Thanks But Mason, you aren’t CC ’16

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous 1) -If someone hits me with their… not even car, but bike, it doesn’t matter if they don’t hold themselves to standards of good ridership. They hit me

      Also, please refer to the standards Bwog posted for itself:

      Sure, it was only to get everyone off their back after the last thing, but saying they don’t claim to have standards at all is… well, not true. Bwog clearly does have standards, they just keep violating them.

      2) Bwog still published it, you know, the one with the website and editorial staff and all. And”They asked for it, acting like that” is a shameful standard to hold to.

    3. Ain't no snitch says:

      @Ain't no snitch How the hell someone in a Greek organization thought it was a good idea to publish something solely with the intent on screwing over another Greek chapter is beyond me. Bwog shouldn’t be in the business of hurting other student groups for really innocuous rule-breaking, sororities and fraternities are already under enough scrutiny as is. For all their BS about “journalistic integrity”, this is a student-run website, and you shouldn’t intentionally ruin the fun of other students on campus. This isn’t “breaking a story” it’s revealing someone’s personal life online with the intent of them and their entire group of friends being punished. We’re not celebrities, we shouldn’t have to worry about every snapchat we post online. That’s just being a dick for no good reason.

      #LetCollegeKidsBeCollegeKids #FightTheGreekPatriarchy #LetSororitiesThrowParties #TMZBT #BlackballZBT #DoesAnyoneEvenMixWithThem? #ManNotForOthers #HowDidHeGetABid

      1. preach says:

        @preach ^^^^^^^^

      2. Stay insular says:

        @Stay insular More like #PayingForFriends #ByeByeTheta

  • entertained says:

    @entertained between this and the fossil fuel divest coverage by Spec, I have never been more entertained by Columbia’s shitposting news sources

  • so says:

    @so can cuss come back

    1. do they says:

      @do they want to come back??

  • so long says:

    @so long we’ll miss you amulet mason

    not really



  • mason omelette says:

    @mason omelette your eggs just got scrambled, bitch

  • of course says:

    @of course it makes perfect sense that mason would be responsible for that image being posted

    glad that bwog finally got rid of him, all too late

  • improvement says:

    @improvement Yes, this absolutely had to happen. But it would be nice for bwog to also acknowledge the other ways it violated journalistic conduct – posting a tip without actually investigating or validating any information, censoring opinion by deleting comments, and completely refusing to even respond to requests to fully remove sensitive material in the aftermath for over 24 hours. Props for removing Mason Amelotte from any position of power (hopefully this will be an opportunity for him to learn something about basic human decency). However, it’s also the organization’s fault for allowing any individual to act so out of hand. Where was the rest of the staff when the article was posted? Was the majority complicit in such disgusting conduct? Or is the leadership structure such that there are no checks in place against brash acts of power? Moving forward, it is crucial for bwog to reevaluate the rationality and humanity with which it reports news on an institutional level.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It’s a shame that the tipster who probably just wanted their sorority to move into the theta brownstone ended up screwing over Mason. Sad to see him go. Bwog actually had some great articles under his lead.

  • I miss the old Bwog / straight from the go Bwog says:

    @I miss the old Bwog / straight from the go Bwog the always rude Bwog / spazzin’ the news Bwog

    I hate the new Bwog / the feel good Bwog

  • About Damn Time says:

    @About Damn Time FINALLY. It shouldn’t have taken this long.

  • gmaryf says:

    @gmaryf bwog comments are back, i guess

  • Lol says:

    @Lol lol when bwog tries to shame an individual, but the picture isn’t embarrassing for her just them

  • To those who care says:

    @To those who care I would like to express a statement of solidarity for bwog at this most unfortunate time – Students for Bwog

    I would like to express a hate meant for clarity for bwog at this quoth unfortunate time
    – Students for Spec

    I would like to confess an abatement of disparity for bwog at this toast omelette ate time
    – The Fed

  • random guy says:

    @random guy classical bwog. what to expect?

  • Mason matched with me on Tinder says:

    @Mason matched with me on Tinder and tbh I swiped right because I think fascist editors with no integrity are cute

  • byeeeeeee says:

    @byeeeeeee L O N G L I V E C U $ $

  • "was created in poor taste, without considering the full implications it may have" says:

    @"was created in poor taste, without considering the full implications it may have" hmmm when did we see this before?? theta could’ve been spared some dignity if this happened, idk, FOUR MONTHS AGO!!!!


    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Don’t forget this business:

      Seriously. Don’t forget this, again.

  • what even is bwog though... says:

    @what even is bwog though... tbh first time i’ve ever been on this site

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Oh, you’ll love it. My favorite feature is the “TRACK” button over comments. Try it!

      It’s really good for seeing, for example, if someone’s trying to post from one IP address pretending to be different people.

  • Life Alert says:

    @Life Alert The loss of Aason and Luis “Fuck You” Rivera in the same month is too much for my itty bitty heart to take

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous #karma

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Bwog, you’re still trash. I hope no one who writes for this shitty publication ever gets hired. #SpecRejects

  • jk says:

    @jk Go cry in a corner Mason, and welcome to adulthood. Sorry these girls aren’t nice to you, but based on your behavior (CUSS as well, not just this incident) it sort of sounds like you deserved it?

  • Henry Krinkle says:

    @Henry Krinkle So how often has it been that Bwog does something stupid, and then someone has to resign followed by some commitment to “journalistic integrity?”

    Here’s an idea. Why not THINK before you post. I mean, just stop, collaborate, and listen before you do post something questionable.

    Oh yeah, if you think something may be iffy or questionable, it probably is.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous >” I mean, just stop, collaborate, and listen before you do post something questionable. ”

      Too late: Bwog is back, with a brand-new edition.

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