A true hero

Everyone has been sharing their best Bacchanal war stories, but one student may have officially won the contest. Late last night, a Barnard student publicly posted in the public Facebook group “Overheard @ Barnard” a picture that appears to be them and Swae Lee, one brother of the Bacchanal headliner group named Rae Sremmurd. The photo includes the caption, “Hey everyone I fucked rae sremmurd just thought I’d let u know #tmzgetatme.”

The post incited a storm of comments on the picture, including conversations about consent. Students both praised the student for their courageous feat as well as questioned the consent for the hookup and the picture. The student in the picture defended themselves in the comments, saying that both they and Swae Lee consented to the hookup and post-hookup photo. Regardless of your position on the situation, it’s going to be tough beating the story that you fucked the headliner when you discuss Bacchanal in your Monday lectures.

Update, 12:43 PM: The admin for the Overheard @ Barnard Facebook group has deleted the post along with the comments. The post cites that the post was removed primarily for the comments as well as the fact prospective Barnard students could view the public post. The admin also explained “higher ups” contacted them to delete the post. We have reached out to the group’s admin for further comment. The full post is below.

Hey friends. I had to take down a post recently. I want you all to know that is it not due to the posts content but rather the comment section. I took it down because this group is open to the public and specifically prospective students. This was a little bit out of my control (I was contacted by higher ups). I am not actively trying to censor anything and this is the first time since the creation of this page that I have taken anything down. I hope you understand and are patient with me.
-your admin

Update, 1:10pm: According to the Overheard @ Barnard admin, a Barnard Student Admissions Representative (BSAR) who monitors the Class of 2020 Facebook page contacted the Overheard @ Barnard admin about the post because the “comments were out of hand and fairly negative [toward the original poster.]” The Overheard @ Barnard admin was told that, if the post remained on the page, the BSAR would have to report it to the admissions office. The Overheard @ Barnard admin told Bwog that they were “worried for the future of the page” and “didn’t want the original poster to have to deal with [the] administration because it was a fun post with good intentions.” Bwog is reaching out to the BSAR for comment on the protocol for reporting social media posts to the admissions office. We are also looking into whether or not the original poster would have had to deal with any repercussions from the administration.

Update, 2:00pm: Bwog has spoken with the BSAR who originally contacted the Overheard @ Barnard admin. She is one of several BSARs who monitor the Class of 2020 Facebook page, and said that when she saw the comments on the Swae Lee picture “alarms did go off in my head, because I know it would be off-putting for me if I were a prospective student…The hostility that I was starting to see in the comments I don’t think were even reflective of the Barnard community.” She added,

“The problem I saw was not with the photo itself but with the comments. In short, Barnard Admissions did not ask me to look for or censor the page, but I do feel like it is my responsibility as a BSAR to report it to them if need be so that they can do whatever they feel is necessary to make sure it doesn’t impact what they’ve worked so hard all year to accomplish for our school.”

Photo via the Overheard @ Barnard Facebook group