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Believe It Or Not, Course Registration Starts Today

Believe it or not: you can still get into the classes you want. For now.

Believe it or not: you can still get into the classes you want. For now.

That’s right, today’s the day: registration for the fall 2016 semester officially starts now. Ready the list you’ve been preparing since February, check CULPA to see if any new reviews popped up, and open the page you bookmarked during NSOP – or, if you’re like us, scroll through a department at random looking for professors with cool-sounding names. Who needs to put thought into class registration now, right? Isn’t that what the shopping period is for?

Whether or not you put effort into picking out classes – and whether or not you believed your friend when they told you registration starts today – you should probably at least check out some options. Registration times for CC and SEAS rising seniors start at 9:30am, then continue throughout the day, with time slots assigned at random. Rising juniors start tomorrow, and rising sophomores on Wednesday. (And if you’re unsure as to what to sign up for, check out our suggestions.)

And as for Barnard students: you’ve had a week to start registering, but L course sign-up begins today. Go in and get that lab section you want while it’s still open.

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