Literally us today, but we're hoping for the metaphor soon.

Literally us today, but we’re hoping for the metaphor soon.

Last night, seemingly in honor of Bacchanal’s end, every natural force came together for a wild thunderstorm. Benches were blown over. Tree branches snapped. People slept even worse than they would have with the aid of Bacch-related extreme alcohol consumption. The morning after, we woke up with some regrets about yesterday’s events. We wished some things would just disappear. So what’s it gonna be? We took to Butler to find out.

The Lobby

  • “Donald trump’s hair”
  • “Oh my gosh, I don’t have a funny answer!”
  • “All my troubles”
  • “Bwog.”


  • “All of my regrets from yesterday”
  • “The cold weather”
  • “The person who asked me this question”

But 209

  • “My problem set”
  • “Everyone’s Canada goose jackets”
  • “Butler, please”

But 401

  • “My 65-page thesis.”
  • “Vomit stains.”
  • “My confidence”

Sixth floor

  • “I don’t understand. Can you translate in French.”
  • “Donald trump”
  • “Misogyny”
  • “Bollinger”

Ref room

  • “The tiny statue.”
  • “The winter weather”
  • “Me.”

Windy via Wikimedia Commons