It's a fruit-eat-fruit world

It’s a fruit-eat-fruit world

Peter Liang, the NYPD officer convicted of second-degree manslaughter for killing the unarmed Akai Gurley, will not face any jail time. Instead, he he will face five years of probation and 800 hours of community service—provoking outrage from some quarters. (ABC News)

The NY primaries were yesterday, in case you didn’t notice the ecstatic Bernie volunteers on campus or the self-indulgent Snapchat filters. Unfortunately for them, the Republican primary was won by hometown hero Donald Trump and the Democratic, by Hillary Clinton. Both won by significant margins. (CNN)

Mayor Bill de Blasio (BilBla?) however, seems to think something’s fishy…he’s demanding an explanation for why 126,000 registered Brooklyn Democrats were removed from electoral registers this year. (Free Beacon)

What’s more New York than fraud? Well, add a dash of Broadway and a spot of Founding Father, and then you’ve got it: a 32 year old man has officially been charged for forging Hamilton tickets and scamming people via Craigslist. (Gothamist)

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