Will Columbia be able to carry the weight of its decisions? Only the legal system will tell us.

Will Columbia be able to carry the weight of its decisions? Only the legal system can tell us.

The next Republican and Democratic Primaries are taking place today in Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Today’s “Acela Primaries” follow an almost-joint statement by Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich that they will work together in Indiana, Oregon, and New Mexico to prevent Donald Trump from reaching the required number of delegates for nomination. (CNN)

Saudi Arabia agreed to enact a radical economic reform package. The brainchild of the deputy crown prince, Muhammad bin Salman, the reform would essentially transform the country from an oil state to a state run by its $2 trillion Public Investment Fund. In addition, the prince’s “Vision 2030” includes increasing supply of affordable housing, giving green cards to expats, and diversifying the economy. (Al Jazeera)

President Barack Obama is in the final leg of his European Union tour. Already, he has issued statements pushing for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, encouraging increased European defense spending, and fighting terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa. On top of this, he is attempting to warm up the United States’ “special relationship” with the United Kingdom while discouraging a “Brexit” from the EU. (CNBC)

In an update which will not surprise anybody with any legal experience, Paul Nungesser resubmitted his lawsuit against Columbia, President Bollinger, the trustees, and professor Jon Kessler. The original suit was dismissed one month ago, as it “did not constitute sex-based discrimination in a way that violated Title IX.” The new complaint also adds to the list of perpetrators Tomas Vu-Daniel, a visual arts professor and Marianne Hirsch, director of the Institute for Research on Women, Gender and Sexuality. (Newsweek)

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