Like this but better...or worse?

Like this but better…or worse???

Ugh, you thought you’d scheduled all your events on Google Calendar–but wait! You forgot Primal Scream! Don’t miss out on this hallowed Columbia tradition. Come to the front of Butler at midnight tonight (technically early Monday morning) to let out all your fears, desires, and stress.

If you aren’t up to trekking over to the library, you can use all the noise as an excuse to orgasm really loudly, or play some heavy metallica, or like, murder someone (CUMB made this joke at Orgo Night on Thursday and we aren’t sure if it’s funny or not). At the very least, document the sound on snapchat (make sure to caption it “sound on” so your followers don’t miss out). With social media, everyone can attend Columbia vicariously.

Meet us on Butler steps at midnight! Wear a red rose so we know it’s you ;)

Lithograph of Munch’s Scream via Wikimedia Commons