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Things You Find While Packing

You might be done with your finals (as previously stated, just crawl into your big blue bin and roll down Broadway, lucky person), but your room is still a monumental mess jam-packed with memorabilia and nonsense documenting your past year at Columbia. What treasures will you find as you comb through your notes and throw out month-old orange shells that are inexplicably under your bed?

#minimalist #lonelyaf #thirsty4u

#minimalist #lonelyaf #thirsty4u


  • “A pretty much empty bottle of alcohol that you bought for a dorm party during NSOP and then hid way too well out of fear of expulsion for illicit substances.”
  • “Three half-used containers of DayQuil.”
  • “Extra vibrator.”
  • “Your roommate’s dead goldfish!”

Dorm Decor

  • “A cute set of postcards that you bought at some indie bookstore and totally planned on hanging on ur wall but somehow never got around to it.”
  • “The Gamecube you never bothered to unpack.”
  • “Absentee voter’s ballot.”
  • “Unloved shoes & clothes stuffed way back in closet/drawers I forgot I had/got too small/no longer my style.”





  • “Your “StepUp!” T shirt from the NSOP SVR presentation.”
  • “Glowstick necklaces and bracelets given to you during NSOP, which have since lost their glow, much their owner.”



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