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Cannon’s To Close At The End Of June

Missing from the photo: sweaty football players and wrestlers

It’s official–despite a resolution by CCSC to make Cannon’s more accessible, everyone’s favorite bar (during NSOP) will be closing for good.

After hearing a rumor from a pal over at Sig Chi, we gave Tara Hill (as it’s officially known) a call earlier today. The person on the phone confirmed that they will be closing at the end of June. We also asked if the bar would be reopening soon under different management (as it did in 2004, back when it was actually called Cannon’s), but the employee said it wouldn’t be. You can read more on the restaurant/bar’s Facebook page.

Come fall, we guess the Class of 2020 will have to try their luck at Mel’s! Perhaps now there will be fewer lost coats during the winter, too.

Looking back, the news sure makes this Facebook event poignant.

Should we all go for one last hurrah? via Tara Hill’s Facebook page

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    @Anonymous Buh

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    @Anonymous What’s going in?

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