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Deluxe Luncheonette Closes (Again)

Soon to be a Dunkin? ;)

According to West Side Rag, Deluxe has closed for good. Its furniture was sold in an auction on Tuesday, and the phone rang off the hook when we tried to call today. The 113th St. diner’s closure comes nine months after it briefly shut down in December 2015 before re-opening a few days later due to protest from the MoHi community. Hey, it’s probably difficult to run a diner on the same block as Seinfeld-famous Tom’s (no matter the sogginess of their fries or the drunken rowdiness of their clientele).

First Cannon’s, now Deluxe–which mediocre establishment in the Columbia vicinity will close next? And what bougie business will take Deluxe’s place? Another farm-to-table restaurant? A SoulCycle? One Bwogger hopes that the space will become home to the Columbia Dunkin Donuts that Sweetgreen should have been.

A New England Bwogger can dream via West Side Rag

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  • ded says:

    @ded I hadn’t been to NYC (or Columbia) in years, and when I finally had the chance to go back, I fought an old friend to go to Deluxe just to have their stuffed french toast. He said we earned enough now not to eat at shitty places but I chided him for being a pretentious asshole and we went anyway.

    They stopped serving stuffed french toast. The waiter told me the chef changed the menu a while ago and got rid of most of the items that made Deluxe one of my favorite dingy diners. So I had a sad sandwich instead and yearned a bit for the Columbia I used to know, simultaneously glad I wasn’t a student in a world where Deluxe wasn’t serving stuffed french toast.

    So fuck that place.

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