You may (or may not) remember that we released the application to become one of our Daily Editors last weekend. We’re seeking seven for the coming semester, one for each day of the week. If you considered applying, maybe copied the app into a Word document then let it fester for a few days, now is the time to really do some soul-searching and some quick writing–applications are due tomorrow by 11:59pm to editors@bwog.com.

The official job description of the Daily Editor position is that they manage the site one day a week, ensuring that quality content is posted at regular intervals and occasionally writing short posts to fill gaps. But that description fails to include all of the fun perks that come with being a Daily. Here’s a short list:

  • Becoming intimately, almost uncomfortably familiar with WordPress
  • Seeking out applicable (or sometimes less than applicable) photos on Wiki Commons to accompany posts
  • Gaining an easy excuse not to pay attention in lectures on your Daily day
  • Sitting in a position of honor at every one of our Sunday evening meetings
  • Scouring the internet for the most ridiculous news stories to include in Bwoglines
  • Writing persuasive announcements for events you’ll never attend
  • Working on your passive-aggressive tone in emails when writers are late with their posts
  • Coming up with clever (and confusing) tags, as well as blurbs for our Facebook and Twitter
  • Learning all of our deepest, darkest secrets

The application is here and our inbox is open. Or, if you still want to write for Bwog but aren’t sure about making such a big commitment, come to our next open meeting (Sunday at 7pm in Lerner 505) and pitch an idea! We’re always looking for writers.

NOT to the tune of ‘Welcome to New York’ by Taylor Swift via Amara Banks