Smooth sailing... until it's not. Just like our semester so far.

Smooth sailing… until it’s not. Just like our semester so far.

A sunken ship called the HMS Terror was discovered in the Arctic, roughly 168 years after its shipwreck. Apparently, its voyage (with the ultimate goal of finding the Northwest Passage) was doomed from the start–probably because the Northwest Passage doesn’t exist. We suggest you name your ships a little better next time, @British Royal Navy. (The Guardian)

An audience member at “Dancing with the Stars” stormed the stage to attack Ryan Lochte, who claims he is “a little hurt”. It’s okay, Ryan, a minor flesh wound will never be as bad as the damage you did to your own reputation in Rio. (Huffington Post)

Hillary Clinton is feeling “so much better” after leaving a 9/11 memorial ceremony early because she had come down with pneumonia. Hillary, take it from us– even the most harmless of pneumonias is a fantastic reason to spend a week straight in bed watching “Gossip Girl”.

Madonna accidentally flashed photographers at the New York Fashion Week Alexander Wang show, proving your never too old for a strategic nip slip. Or is the real slip-up here the fact that Fox News used the sentence “Madonna appeared to make a boob of herself”? (Fox News)

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