A young man in a suit listening through a solo cup

Just the FBI, listening in on your QUESTIONABLE SECURITY DECISIONS.

While we at Columbia have been pretty quiet about the Chelsea explosion, the country is still struggling to find out why and how. Yesterday, the main suspect’s father claimed that he had reported his son to the FBI two years ago. (New York Post)

The Hillary Clinton Email Extravaganza continues to have its secrets revealed. Some pretty damning evidence points to the fact that Paul Combetta, Clinton’s computer specialist, asked Reddit how to hide information on the private server. (Vice)

Have you seen those ads for the new show CBS show Bull on the subway entrances at 116th? Don’t get your hopes up about the show. According to one critic, the show is “the TV equivalent of putting a Harambe T-shirt on your dad.” (A.V. Club)

Mark your calendars for “late 2017:” China’s Tiangong-1 space station is falling back to earth in an uncontrolled manner, meaning it might release debris over populated areas. (Popular Mechanics)

The very competent FBI agents in charge of 2016 via Shutterstock