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Fall Candidates For CCSC And ESC Released

You can sort of see Satow from this angle

You can sort of see Satow from this angle

This year’s fall candidates for CCSC and ESC have been released! Below are the candidates for the 2020 Class Council, as well as various other representative positions and the controversial Sandwich Ambassador position. Notably, the ESC University Senator position is also up for grabs because the Senator elected last spring, Luis Rivera, is taking a year off.

You can check out the list of candidates below:

Official Candidate List for Fall 2016 Elections

Columbia Engineering

2020 Class Council
Class President
Eugenia Hernandez (100)
Cindy Soifer (SEAS the Moment)
Ria Garg (SEASus Take the Wheel)

Class Vice President
Andres Butter (100)
Jonathan Schleien (SEAS the Moment)
Marisa Ngbemeneh (SEASus Take the Wheel)

Class Representatives
Christopher Aoun (100)
Jakub Ostrowski (SEAS the Moment)
Meghna Gorrela (SEAS the Moment)
Joanna Paik (SEASus Take the Wheel)
Abhishek Chakraborty (SEASus Take the Wheel)

University Senator
Izzet Kebudi
Andres Aguayo
Charles Harper
Josh Zweig

3-2 Representative
Priscilla Wang

Disability and Accessibility Issues Representative
Adriana Echeverria
Jacob Nye

International Students Representative
Pranav Arora
Mohnish Chakravarti

Columbia College

2020 Class Council
Class President
Mathieu Sabbagh (Blue Anew)
Siddharth Singh (Lion Heart)
Patricia Granda-Malaver (Lions)
Maria Estrada (Mafia)
Nima Mozhgani (Morningside Five)

Class Vice President
Zeina Laban (Blue Anew)
James Ritchie (Lionheart)
Alex Ashton (Lions)
Sofia Smith (Mafia)
Stacey Yu (Morningside Five)

Class Representatives
Kyra Ann Dawkins (Blue Anew)
Daniel Cohen (Blue Anew)
Danielle Resheff (LionHeart)
Grant Pace (Lionheart)
Astrid Walker-Stewart (Lionheart)
Ariana Mao (Morningside Five)
Sohil Patel (Morningside Five)
Alexis Turley-Young (Morningside Five)
Raag Agrawal (N/A)
Tommy Polanco (N/A)
Eileen Moudou (N/A)
Rumi Sherriff (N/A)

2017 Class Council
Class Representative
Tracy Ting Cao

Sandwich Ambassador
Ufon Umanah
Joseph Villafane

Update (9/20/2016 at 2:33pm): Since publishing, six candidates have dropped out of the race: Raag Agrawal, Patrick Denny, Fernando Montes, Ayesha Chhugani, Benjamin Greenfield, and Nathan Lam. Also, Alexis Turley-Young was accidentally left off the initial list that was sent to us by the Elections Board. She is running for the position of CCSC Class of 2020 Representative.

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