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What Kind Of Wien Sink Are You?

Believe it or not, every Wien room comes with its own sink—and at least one has its own stand-alone toilet. But, like Columbia students, not all sinks are created equal. Were you to become a sink today, perhaps due to hormonal fluctuations or a muttered (but binding) curse, would you be a good one? Who knows!

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  • Old alum. says:

    @Old alum. Sorry students, dumb question. When I went to Columbia (many years ago), every John Jay and Furnald room had sinks as well. Were they removed? Too bad.

  • Younger Alum says:

    @Younger Alum Yea. They’ve been gone at least ten years. I’ve actually never heard anyone mention John Jay sinks. I suspect you went to Columbia before the 1980s? This was the last time I think John Jay was fully renovated.

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