These preschoolers don't look like yoga enthusiasts to us ...

Either we came to Butler lawn at the wrong time, or yoga instructors have gotten a lot younger

Yesterday evening, new writer Constance Blumenthal headed over to Butler lawn, hoping to take advantage of some free, stress-relieving yoga. What she found was not as stress-relieving as she’d hoped.

After a long day of classes, running across town, and getting yelled at by security guards at the Met, I was looking forward to University Life’s “Yoga on the Lawn.” I have never actually taken a yoga class, and I found myself both nervous and excited as I walked to Butler’s South Lawn.

When I arrived I don’t know if I was more surprised that I was excited by the idea of de-stressing (after all, stress just seems like a normal part of our ∼Ivy∼ lifestyle) – or by the fact that nobody else was there.

As I later learned, the event was moved to Dodge at 2pm. But this information was only posted on Instagram by the university’s account… Since when did Instagram become a platform to keep us updated on events?! Also, come on, University Life – shouldn’t you be updating your own FB, Twitter, and Insta account as well—isn’t keeping the student body informed one of your basic functions?  And shouldn’t you have a less complicated name? This is the age of shorthand, after all.

While disappointed that I didn’t get to experience this thing called “de-stressing,” I was made aware that events like Yoga on the Lawn among other University Life events are very poorly advertised. But good news! You can experience Yoga on the Lawn every Tuesday until October 11th. So take advantage of this hour-long break to breathe a little and de-stress – you deserve it! (Although maybe check Columbia’s Instagram before you buy your own yoga mat.)

And University Life – get your act together, please. You’re supposed to at least try to understand our generation.

Missed the yoga, in time for preschool? via March 2016 Bwog