Oh no, you didn't

Oh no, you didn’t

The European Space Agency stated that a European spacecraft, named “Schiaparelli” might have crashed on Mars on Friday, leaving a dark spot on Mars’ surface. (The New York Times)

Airbnb lost major lawsuit battle in New York State. Its Head of New York Public Policy, Josh Meltzer, wrote in a statement, “A majority of New Yorkers have embraced home sharing and we will continue to fight for a smart policy solution that works for the people, not the powerful.” (Buzzfeed)

Trump campaign makes a rare move against Michelle Obama, as Donald Trump digs up dirt from the past, citing the first lady’s 2008 remark: “If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House,” which may have been directed to Hilary Clinton. (CNN)

Worried about your bike being stolen? A new company has designed a U-shaped bicycle lock, aptly named “Skunklock”, that would release “noxious chemical” if someone tries to sever the lock. The theft-detering gas, as it claims, could cause “shortness of breathing” and impaired eyesight. (BBC)

photo via BBC