Ted Cruz once again proves it could be worse.

Ted Cruz, for once, we feel you!

Midterms, Yom Kippur fasting, weather in the 40’s, Oh My! Get ready to stock up on bagels, NyQuill and Cashmere sweaters. Bwog is here to remind you, it could be worse.

Trump’s self-dubbed “8th Wonder of the World” Taj Mahal Casino has officially closed its gaudy, faux Mughal engineered doors. Atlantic City took a sigh of relief as the most flagrant example of cultural appropriation since Disney’s Aladdin went the way of Trump’s chances of winning the election (Yahoo Finance).

Billy Bush has been suspended from the TODAY show following the infamous leaked interview with Trump where they exchange what Trump coins “locker room talk”. Poor Billy, being a Bush can’t help you now. All those years of celebrity brown nosing, you shouldn’t have been surprised when the shit hit the fan (ABC News).

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was caught playing Pokemon Go during a meeting of Parliament. As damning as that sounds, the real sin is that she is one of the few poor souls still trying to catch ’em all. Jeez Norway, get with the times (Huffington Post).

Starting tonight is Yom Kippur, a Jewish ‘holiday’ where participants fast (!!) for a little over 24 hours. Get ready for an influx of apologies in your Facebook messenger inbox just in time for the new Jewish year where God metaphorically seals everyone’s fate.

Photo courtesy of one of The Daily Dot