Telephone cord is the new umbilical cord

Telephone cord is the new umbilical cord.

What does it feel like when even your running mate thinks your opponent is more qualified for the office than you? In an interview with MSNBC, Bill Weld, the libertarian vice presidential nominee, accidentally spilled the wrong cup of tea: “I’m not sure anybody’s more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States,” to which he, of course, retracted by claiming that Gary Johnson would be a better president and that Johnson is “solid and deep”. (The Huffington Post)

Harvard Business Review found correlation between air pollution and productivity. Conducted by analyzing records in Ctrip, the largest travel agency in China, the research shown that a 10 unit increase in the Air Quality Index is met with 0.35% decline in number of calls by a Ctrip worker and workers are “5% ~ 6% more productive when air pollution levels are rated as good by the Environmental Protection Agency (AQI of 0–50) versus when they are rated as unhealthy (AQI of 150–200)”. Feeling like Procrastination? Blame it on the air. (HBR)

An Israeli company, Water-Gen, has been building devices to harvest water condensation from the air. Water-Gen claims that even though its technology isn’t exclusive of other competitors, its devices are far more efficient and consume only “one-fifth amount of energy used by other methods”. With the machines generating water that costs less than 10 cents per gallon, Water-Gen is now providing its water-sucking machines to the military, yet wishes to shift its focus to combat water scarcity around the world. (The Huffington Post)

Will the world be blessed with yet another Trump family member? While Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, in his failed attempt to slut-shame former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, sniffs uncontrollably and tweets about a sex tape at 5 a.m., Trump campaign team seems to have started grooming Tiffany Trump, the youngest daughter in the Trump army, by cleaning up party shots on Tiffany’s instagram, restricting Tiffany’s social media to strictly campaign content. One might be confused by Trump team’s backward priority. Or was Tiffany running for the presidency all along? (The NY times)


The good ol’ days via Dave Bennett, Gettys Image