Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume and need some inspiration? Celebrities are your gurus then. From Kylie Jenner’s interesting skeleton ensemble to Kathy Griffin showing up just how ridiculous Snapchat looks like in real life. (Huffington Post)

In politics, the Clinton campaign was rocked this weekend with Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin– also the estranged wife of former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner- allegedly in possession of thousands of emails that tied Clinton to some shady business earlier this year. The FBI has officially obtained a warrant to investigate, receiving much heat on both sides as the election draws near. (USA Today)

Another earthquake hit Italy on Sunday, with a high of a 6.6 magnitude shock felting Rome. The town of Norcia sat as the epicenter, recently experiencing similar tremors earlier last week. (The Guardian)

Fake news has become a hot topic among large publications, who warn their readers to double and triple check everything they read online as the trend of faking news stories becomes more common. More and more sites have misleading information that suck in viewers, meaning these companies benefit from the views and shares as the ads posted equal more money. (CNN)

Cutest pugs via some sketchy site