What happiness truly looks like

What happiness truly looks like

With fall looking more like an extended summer or California winter right now, it’s easy for us all to slip into oblivion to avoid the heat and mid-terms. We just want to wear our oversized sweaters in peace!

Too hot to handle

  • Boyfriend and I accidentally ordered a huge pitcher of sangria at 6:30pm. Ended our evening out by lying down in a pillow display in Bed, Bath & Beyond.
  • Saw two student theater productions in 48 hours. One was terrible; one was fantastic.
  • Lived vicariously through all my high school friends’ snap stories because they’re all home on fall break and I miss the ocean and why is our break so late.
  • Took my part-Hungarian dad to Hungarian and watched him get really excited at seeing all the desserts from his childhood.
  • Took four tupperwares full of different food items from John Jay brunch.
  • At the football game at Penn, there was a poster-making station, which I took advantage of to make a sign reading “REGISTER TO VOTE”. Two of my friends were then inspired to make a sign reading “KEEP PENN OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE” (Trump is a Penn grad), and they took that sign and my sign across the stadium to the Penn fan section. Some Penn fans were more amused than others.
  • Was unfortunately awake for more than six hours on Saturday.
  • Felt overwhelmed for the first time in my Columbia career.
  • Was sent a photo of my friend and my TA post sex. Didn’t know how to respond, so asked if I did well on the HW.

Slipping into oblivion

  • A friend and I ate brownies and tried to watch Brooklyn (2015), ended up getting too high to follow the plot and soon falling asleep.
  • Parents visited for parents weekend and I had to ditch them partway through Saturday to study.
  • Got too drunk on thurs night but got rid of all the excess alcohol I’d been storing in water bottles.
  • Woke up with worst hangover I’ve had in a long time, but had to get out of bed and go to an ASAP (alcohol and substance abuse program) meeting I’d been mandated to attend for a past incident.
  • Tripped and injured myself while out running; luckily, a Barnard prof and her wife were nearby walking their dogs, and they very kindly gave me a ride back to my dorm.
  • Learned the true meaning of gtb^2.
  • Mom drunkenly tasted all the flavors in 16 handles.

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