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We Know Where You Study Based Off Of What Netflix TV Show You Binge Watch

Working hard or hardly working? Your Netflix queue might reveal that.

Working hard or hardly working? Your Netflix queue might reveal that.

Where you study says a lot about you, and Bwog is here to either shame or celebrate you for it. If one of the following TV shows is at the front of your Netflix queue, you’re most likely spending your peak studying hours in the accompanying location.

  • The Office (U.S.): You study in Butler 209. You lack variety and aren’t looking for anything too exciting. You enjoy the quiet, but still like a few murmurs inquiring whether someone is actually sitting there rather than just leaving their stuff to save the seat. The drab environment can be stifling for most, but you thrive in it.
  • Gilmore Girls: You study in Butler 409. You enjoy the interesting seating options, including the infamous stool. The smell of aging books fuels your late night cram sessions. The beautiful architecture also gets you through another chapter of Herodotus. Are you a Paris or a Rory? The loud conversation of the couple next to you will test that.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: You study in the Butler 5th floor reading rooms. You enjoy the antiseptic, professional feel of these rooms, which could easily be mistaken for the waiting room at a pediatrician’s office. You enjoy mingling with graduate students and other mature adults, leaving your friends in the floors below to stress eat sun chips.
  • Gossip Girl: You study in Avery. After sneaking your Sant Ambroeus latte past the front desk, you settle down in this elusive and grande spot. Like Gossip Girl, it gives the illusion of exclusion and charm, but is in fact within everyone’s bounds. Who needs to take the crosstown to experience the Upper East Side when you have a little taste on campus? Between the intimidating portraits of old men and the various reserved tables equipped with meticulously crafted wooden chairs, you’d expect to bump into the likes of Queen B herself.

  • American Horror Story: You study in the Butler Stacks. You enjoy a convoluted plot line and you enjoy a convoluted space to study. You find the deviant activity that happens here alluring. Danger is your middle name, and you don’t care who knows about your inner freak. Just like this famed anthology series, each new experience in the stacks is different but it usually holds the same cast of characters.
  • Parks and Recreation: You study in the Butler Lounge. You enjoy a spot near a cafe so you can, “Treat. Yo. Self.” You also enjoy a less painfully quiet room to study as it makes the long hours of studying the more bearable. Don’t expect to listen in on any fascinating conversations in this commonplace spot – just grab a chai latte and try to avoid questions by investigative journalists. There’s a pulse and opportunity to feast, but is it worth the ramshackle furniture?
  • Friends: You study in Butler 301. You are unapologetically basic and go with the flow. You will photograph your books along with your Cafe Java latte every time you sit down before you study and will Instagram the chandeliers at least once a week. You will text your group chat that you are heading over so that your clique can obnoxiously take over a corner. You will most likely not do any studying but rather spend the time appreciating your life and watching your own Snapchat story.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: You study in Lerner. You are so much fun and don’t care who knows it. The whimsical purple lighting and glass structure fills you with joy, and make your study break a prime time for a dance-off. You’re unique and you celebrate it. Keep on doing you! Just try not to get locked in after closing time.
  • How to Get Away with Murder: You study in Joe’s at NoCo. For you, drama is a dish best served with a steaming cup of hot, black coffee. No sugar or milk for you. You like to get right to it, in this fast paced, professional environment. Getting a seat can feel as hard as winning an argument with Professor Keating though. This is not a place for the meek and juvenile. You don’t need to cross over to Amsterdam to feel like a badass law student in this suave, sophisticated spot.
  • House of Cards: You study in your residence hall lounge and study rooms. You use your friends and acquaintances for notes and other intel. You are the ultimate insider and love studying on your home turf. You will make witty banter with your friends before diving into a unit of calculus. And you’ll inconspicuously photograph your friend’s notes, because who has the time to write it down? You are always two steps ahead and are a master manipulator. Why do the work when you can have someone do it for you from the comfort of your own home?
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: You study in (Barnard’s) Lehman Hall Library. Or, at least, you used to – both A:TLA and Lehman are now “no longer available for streaming.” Now, you bounce around between Barnard Hall and the Diana, you seek out other animated shows, but nothing can fill the hole in your heart.
  • Twin Peaks – You study at Hungarian Pastry Shop. Between the interesting characters, “the damn good coffee”, and the heavenly pies, this is the perfect spot for Twin Peaks lovers. It does not bother you to go out of the way to have a cool studying experience. You are an adventurer and enjoy the quiet, sometimes odd vibes of Amsterdam. Others might call you eccentric, but at heart you enjoy the simple things in life. If you manage to have leftovers at the end of a cram session, you wrap it in plastic of course and carry it on home for further enjoyment.
  • Stranger Things: You study in your room. Fuck people, am I right?
  • Breaking Bad: You don’t study.

Photo courtesy of Gilmore Girls

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous isn’t Lehman Library is still there? did you mean Barnard Library near Lehman lawn?

    1. Betsy Ladyzhets says:

      @Betsy Ladyzhets Yes, this refers to the former Barnard Library; it was located in Lehman Hall. The post has been edited for clarification.

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