how did your state do in this election?

how did your state do in this election?

Last night, the nation witnessed the shocking culmination of the most dramatic election in American history. Republican nominee Donald Trump defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in America’s national presidential race. (The New York Times)

If we learned anything last night, it’s that we can’t trust the pre-election polls. Confirmation bias, the existence of a silent white voting bloc, and other factors may have contributed to the biggest political upset in American history. (GQ Magazine)

During election night, Columbia’s marching band played CeeLo Green’s “F— You” outside of Trump’s Victory Party at the Hilton Midtown. Check out the video here. (DNAinfo)

In more progressive news, the states of California, Nevada, and Massachusetts legalized marijuana yesterday. The success of legalization in these states represents marijuana’s gradual acceptance in American society. (CNN)

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