Your wallet won't look like this after you've tried some of our tricks

Your wallet won’t look like this after you’ve tried some of our tricks

As Thanksgiving approaches and the end of the semester draws near, you may be noticing something alarming when you check your bank account: it’s dwindling, and quickly. Bwog’s been there before, and we’re here with a list of suggestions, some more serious than others, to help you make it through the semester. 

  • Find yourself a sugar mommy/daddy on Tinder
  • Venmo charge everyone in your contacts $500
  • Delete the Uber app so you aren’t tempted to use it
  • Steal food from the dining halls.
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous, sneak into the dining halls and steal food from them.
  • Go busking in Times Square.
  • Work as one of the costume figures in Times Square.
  • Offer to switch into that CC Section – for a heavy price.
  • Instead of buying milk for your cereal, take your cereal to Liz Place or Starbucks and fill up using the skim or soy milk containers on the counter.
  • Take the train anywhere, and you’ll get a free bus transfer if used within 2-3 hrs. For example, you can take the train to Trader Joe’s, get food deals, and then take the bus back uptown.

Empty Wallet via U of I Admissions