If you haven't gained 10 pounds by Monday, you haven't celebrated Thanksgiving correctly

If you haven’t gained 10 pounds by Monday, you haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving correctly

We did it! We made it to Thanksgiving Break! Whether you’re going back home or staying on campus, use these next few days to eat lots of good food (calories don’t count during Thanksgiving), and to spend some quality time with friends and/or family (bonus points if you refrain from talking about politics)!

The writers here at Bwog will also be spending some time enjoying Thanksgiving (yes, believe it or not, most of us do have lives outside of Bwog). But don’t you worry – we’ll be back next Monday!

To kick off Thanksgiving break, it’s a hallowed tradition for us at Bwog to post a list of things that we’re thankful for. Until next Monday, Columbia!

Culinary thanks:
Lindt sea salt caramel chocolate at MoWillies
Bubble tea
Hungarian Pastry Shop
Chinese food in Flushing, Queens
Pesto chicken pizza at Ferris
La Toulousaine

People and animals:
Judith Butler
Our readers!
Friends!! (obviously)
My mom
Obama (seriously, thanks Obama)
virgins in America
French students
My crazy ass family
Security guard bedazzling her uniform in 616
My glaucomic, HIV+ cat
The Barnard inflatable rat
The Columbia wrestling team (too soon?)
Uber drivers that provide feedback while you write a Bwog post

The New York City subway system
My suitemate’s blender
Well-paying psych studies
Virgin America
Free perfume samples at Sephora
My cuticles
My sense of humor
McBain private bathrooms
The chairs on the fourth floor of Barnard Hall
Altschul Atrium
Extensions on papers
Used bookstores
Twitter polls

image via classicoldieswmid.com