She looks like the real thing

Bwogline: NYC is about to get a new subway on Jan 1, and it’s gonna be artsy af. Plus, this 2nd ave line will make getting around the Upper East Side a lot easier, if you ever go there. (NY Times)

Study Tip: Adderall might have a placebo effect on people without ADHD. So if you need some stimulation, ritalin, caffeine, or vyvanse are the way to go.

Music: Return to your toddlerhood with Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” (released 1995). Massachusetts neo-folk singer Lori McKenna also does a nice cover. Or, if you don’t like our music, Spotify just came out with your “top songs of 2016” playlist, which is always a good bet.

Procrastination: Bake something! The actual prep/clean up will probably only take 30 min, and  you can study while it bakes. Here’s Bwog’s favorite banana bread recipe. Bonus points if you use bananas taken from the dining hall.

Overheard: “He had a yoga mat for a bed.”

Banana Bread via Nimz/Food.com