Student sleeping on a pile of books

literally all of Bwog right now

It’s our final Field Notes of the season, and boy are we tired. Seriously. As we all get ready for the home stretch, we’re either getting way too much or way too little when it comes to catching Z’s. Here’s what happened on our wild weekends – as always, submit your own for the next edition to

Sleep and Relaxation:

  • Slept for more than 9 hours.
  • Went to get a massage, but the music was too tonally directed for me to fully relax.
  • Went to the sauna in Dodge for the first time, 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
  • Fought my friend to have me let her sleep on her floor and her in her bed. We were both lying on the floor drunk and arguing for a solid 15 until decided would make sense for us both to sleep in bed.
  • Did no work because lack of sleep, and hangover. Made banana bread instead (success).
  • Spent all of Friday leading up to my 5pm final with my boyfriend under the guise that it would keep me relaxed and in a good headspace before the exam. It paid off.
  • Brought a soft blanket to study in the library and just petted it instead of studying.

Food and Food…stuffs:

  • Chugged Franzia.
  • Wandered around k-town until 6 am trying to find a karaoke place that would let us in. Ended up in various Korean bars instead. Realized how overpriced all the alcohol was compared to in Asia. Accidentally dropped my friend’s class ring in a bowl of soy sauce.
  • Went on a dinner & movie date with a Nice Jewish Boy and had sex in his car.
  • Bought one of those bougie skull-shaped vodka handles.
  • Deepthroat – Cupkkake (look it up).
  • Just pretty much was overwhelmed and stress ate gari, truffles, and macarons.
  • Swallowed part of my tooth.

The Miscellaneous:

  • Stayed in Friday because I thought I had to be productive so that I could go to a party on Saturday… it turned out that party was scheduled for Friday.
  • Went ice skating and didn’t fall, but did fall (and hurt my arm and neck) in the stairs of the subway on the way back.
  • Cried for an hour because my mom sent me a pic of our holiday card and my pic in it is ugly
  • Nearly cried from looking at a picture of a newborn penguin.
  • Asked a friend (who’s a CS major in SEAS) to proofread my final paper for an English class.  Watching his face as he read through my complex literary analysis was hilarious.

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