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Fake Book With Connections To “Dark Enlightenment” Movement Found On Stack 12

While shelving books in the library, a student worker came across what initially appeared to be a regular novel in the section near nation-states and the Anglosphere. Its title claimed to be Tess of the d’Urbervilles, written by Thomas Hardy – but when the student opened up the book, he found it to be a pageless and  hollowed-out fake.

Instead, the fake book served as a box containing a small stack of manila envelopes. Inside the envelopes were forms asking users to indicate their availability, objectives (the options were: discussion, spread messaging, projects, and brotherhood), interest in leadership positions, and topics of concern (the options were: post-democracy, nationalism, HBD, alternative right, cultural marxism, “The Cathedral,” and economic systems). The front of this form featured a design similar to the German Reichsadler, and the back read “DarkEn” – short for “Dark Enlightenment.”

What connections might there be between Columbia and the “Dark Enlightenment”? It has been brought to our attention that this term, as well as the eagle symbol on the front of this box and the terms “HBD” and “the Cathedral”, bear significant resemblances to Nazi imagery. Furthermore, the eagle as depicted by “DarkEn” might contain fascist symbols and imagery, with the eagle’s head and central line forming a fasces, and the “wings” forming a bundle of sticks.  The terms found on this form are listed on a Dark Enlightenment reading list, which aims to introduce its readers to the movement. This reading list includes the writer Mencius Moldbug (a pseudonym of Curtis Yarvin), who is cited as one of the most influential neo-reactionaires.

For just under decade, Yarvin ran an influential blog under this pseudonym. Similarly, the term “Cathedral” originates on Yarvin’s blog (and may be connected to cathedral imagery in Tess of the d’Urbervilles), which another influential member of the Dark Enlightnement movement, Nick Land, describes as “the entire social landscape of political bribery (‘lobbying’) exactly mapped, and the administrative, legislative, judicial, media, and academic privileges accessed by such bribes are converted into fungible shares…[the Cathedral] is the mapping of a ruling entity that is the truly dominant instance of the democratic polity.”  In addition, Land, who allegedly coined the term “Dark Enlightenment” after a “particularly horrible bout of amphetamine psychosis,” wrote an essay analyzing Moldbug entitled “The Dark Enlightenment”.  Although this would explain the choice of book and confirm a concrete connection to the movement, we are still unable to determine the box’s exact origin. We have, however, found an exact same hollowed-out book listed on Ebay.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Columbia’s first encounter with Dark Enlightenment. After publishing this article, we received reports of DarkEn recruitment posters spotted in Butler male bathrooms this past September.  The posters, as shown in the photo below, were stuck inside stalls and encouraged bystanders to join the movement on SureSpot, an encrypted messenger app.  Dark Enlightenment may also be connected to events which transpired at NYU last November, and could be connected to various college campuses with fake “White Student Union” Facebook pages, though we cannot definitively connect “Dark Enlightenment” organizations to any specific region outside the New York metropolitan area.

Upon a fuller understanding of the severity and magnitude of this book, its contents, and the group it is associated with, we temporarily removed this post from Bwog in order to investigate the issue further and to more carefully consider how to present the assembled facts. We only wished for the opportunity to give this tip the time and attention it deserved without compromising the integrity of our investigation. We have now put the post back up as we are currently confident it reports the issue at hand both truthfully and seriously. As a staff, we are concerned that this group has any form or presence on Columbia’s campus, especially when viewed in context with events which occured this semester. We in no way sympathize with this movement, and seek only to provide a complete picture of our investigation.

We will continue looking into this issue, and update the post further if we receive more information.

EDIT, as of 7:20 pm, 12/11/16: We have edited this post, because the original tone of the post was inappropriate for the severity of its content.

EDIT, as of 8:07pm, 12/12/16: The post has been returned to the website, now edited to include additional information regarding the context and implications of the original tip.

Photos via tipster

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  • Remember folks says:

    @Remember folks It’s okay to be white

    1. L says:

      @L Just imagine the smell.

  • indyjonesouthere says:

    @indyjonesouthere Is this the Colombia University that became the home of the Frankfurt School that was nothing more than the communist party relocating itself from Germany as they lost out to the Nazis?

    1. hoy goys says:

      @hoy goys frankfurt school was a [[[comunist]]] party.

  • anon says:

    @anon net-value=internet-value

    1. anon says:

      @anon Nick has already updated his post on his blog, which you may be right not to link (I see it deserves no further publicity–his little heart went pitter-patter pitter-patter when Ann Coulter Re-tweeted him once) with Kelly Weill’s article. NRx is the ‘elite branch’ and they look down on the alt-right. I was surprised to see hardcore types like Nick B. Steves posting here, though.Talk about ‘recruitment’ in NYC is good info, watch your back, these are murderous people.

  • Ron M Lewenberg says:

    @Ron M Lewenberg I presume this is a prank or false flag propoganda. I find it hard to believe that any nationalist student at Columbia is too stupid to understand that not only were the Nazis anti-nationalist and anti-White, but also that any Nazi imagery makes them tools of the cultural Marxists they claim to oppose. Then again, if there are mentally ill people who sublimated their condition into social justice warrior group non-thinking, I suppose there could be a totalitarian response on the right.

    1. anon says:

      @anon Total sophistry. Nobody is interested in the facts, that’s why you suppress my comments, I know all about Nick Land’s ambition for armchairisme and infinite publicity. Maybe he’s got a mole at Columbia, but this should be an embarassment for Columbia.

    2. anon says:

      @anon You may presume, but you don’t even, and you certainly KNOW NOTHING. This is ludicrous that these assholes can get publicity, although it doesn’t make them famous. Nick Land is the most opportunistic creep and far to the right of Trump, whom he did not support (not quick enough collapse.) Yes, this thread is all a hoax, and Columbia has been Russian-hacked, as it were.

    3. anon says:

      @anon Nobody thinks Nazis were ‘anti-white’, you fucking idiot. That’s the esoteric definition Land gives his ass-suckers so they think he’s ‘compelling’ and don’t throw him out even when they claim they’re going to. The important meaning of ‘Nazi’ is the popular one.

  • anon says:

    @anon This is Nick Land’s most recent Twitter? See how cute? You just have to know how to keep him at a distance, which I almost didn’t–he was round the corner this past Aug. and one day I was out when he was at Pratt or Pace or whatever goes above the new Chase branch I use at 14th and 7th, I didn’t know it. But he was still practising dark, malicious arts when I was out and about. I chose not to test a snake’s true nature, though I used to want to meet him. He does have a kind of charisma, but it’s mostly in the writing coupled with the various manias. His blog does have some brilliant writers, though, one very poetic one ‘G. Eiricksson’ and also ‘Dick Wagner’. Nick B. Steves is an old-timer Catholic like several of them, and the most obscene is ‘Jim’s Blog’. You can’t write at Nick Land’s blog if you’re female or homo, unless you take an Oath of Inferiority. This is because there are a lot of dyed-in-the-wool closet queens and lesb’ans there…

    I’m a closer friend of Butler and Columbia. My best friend used to work there, and still lives in the area. He got sucked off all the time in the much-mentioned Men’s Room there in days of yore.

    Outsideness ‏@Outsideness 1h1 hour ago

    “C*ck, c*ck.”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Kek who?”
    “Kek who you raised in the shadow-crypt of your culture like a dark egg of destruction.

  • anon says:

    @anon are comments closed here now? They’re still talking about it at the DE blog. I had a goddam informative comment, albeit too long, and you won’t take it.

  • rehte says:

    @rehte I’m a well informed Columbia student. Everyone look at me – I read Buzzfeed. I’m SUCH an expert. Please touch my penis ladies – I will protect you from the incipient fascist threat like a good Ally. Pwease pwease pweaaaaassseeee…

  • ether says:

    @ether Neoreaction dorks try to present themselves as superior to neo-Nazis because they’re “not LARPing” but then pull some embarrassing ‘muh mysterious secret society’ LARPing shit like this in a college library hahahaha. Awful trolling attempts in the comments here too – guess that meme magic’s running a little thin huh fellas?

    1. jon smith says:

      @jon smith Donald Trump is President.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous You linked Land’s original essay under his name and then say you couldn’t find it. kek

    1. Finn Klauber says:

      @Finn Klauber Thank you for pointing this out. The contradiction was borne from the revision of the article and a misunderstanding of the essay, which is linked under Land’s name, as being a later, more advanced development of a shorter, earlier work.

  • John Coatsworth is a Nazi says:

    @John Coatsworth is a Nazi Damn they got us…

  • Cam Talbot says:

    @Cam Talbot I think maybe I met one of these Dark Enlightenment people in my sophomore year, without realizing it. Was leaving Lehman library and a clean cut guy approached me to ask about the book I was carrying, which was by Arendt… I think it was “The life of the mind”. Anyway he introduced himself as Chad and asked why I was reading this book, I told him it was for a class in continental Philosophy and he suddenly started laughing and kind of punched my shoulder… not violently but kind of joking like. He said something about “did you think Hannah’s going to complete the system of German Idealism??” but I didn’t understand. “Schelling couldn’t do it!” He started naming all these names that I forget (I distinctly remember “Fichte” as someone who “couldn’t do it”) and I’m sitting here like wtf are you smoking dude. The whole thing was just WEIRD.


    2. Never Again 6,000,000 says:

      @Never Again 6,000,000 These absolute madmen must be stopped. The man you met as “Chad” was most likely Shmuley Hidelsteyn, well known NRx “Sith Lord” and white supremacist. You should be thankful you escaped with your life, as he is an infamous mass murderer who took part in the Holocaust as well as the Pulse Night Club shooting.

  • Sigh. says:

    @Sigh. Is it abundantly clear to anyone else that the commenter Jaedyn Roth is just a purposefully overactive troll figure piloted by 4chan neckbeards (probably from the /pol/ board) who are trying to make progressive sensitive people who care about social justice seem crazy? No one uses the word cisheteropatriarchy seriously. And the comments made are just way over the top. Sigh.

    1. Serge Lakeland says:

      @Serge Lakeland Yea. Same with The Columbia Queer Antifa Collective and others. You’re a little late to the party though, stay smart already observed this above and got downvoted by the trolls.

      1. @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective You know whats abundantly clear to me and my comrades? That you are a privileged, white cis-man. You have no idea what it means to be an oppressed minority in this capitalist patriarchal society. You need to seriously rethink your allyship and how you approach things. i suggest you get in touch with CQA or GendeRevolution for further training – because you are coming off as incredibly insensitive to marginalized bodies resisting ***literal nazi*** oppression!

        1. George Rockwell says:

          @George Rockwell Oh fug they’re serious hahahahaha

          1. free-speecher says:

            @free-speecher Pretty sure that antifa account is satire. It reads exactly like how I’d satire and make fun of a crazy antifa group. But Poe’s law and all that.

  • no platform for fascists says:

    @no platform for fascists Wtf are we giving platforms to fascists like this creepy Nick b Steve’s now?? This guy can’t even be honest about cookies how is he gonna tell the truth about his fascism? This is blatant whitesplainin away white supremacists, don’t give these assholes a platform. Proudhon and Hegel not Moldbug and Nick racist Steve’s. Shut it down OK? Praise Colombia.

    1. @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective GROSS DUDEBRO NERDRAPISTS

    2. Fred Spooge says:

      @Fred Spooge You misspelled “Columbia”. Fascist!

  • @Benjamin K. Itman Seems like there’s a party going on over here. Hi NBS! Hi “Emma”!

    1. @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective Reactionary!

    2. jon smith says:

      @jon smith I can’t tell the satire from the real thing. They’re so good at it.

      1. Jaedyn Roth says:

        @Jaedyn Roth Trying to tell satirical fascism from real fascism is fascist. All fascism, no matter how “ironic” it is, serves the white supremacist capitalist cisheteropatriarchy and kills women and POC.

        1. jon smith says:

          @jon smith I wish I could “like” your comment.

      2. @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective Hope you like getting run off campus by CAMAB women of colour dudebro! Our boots and bats are waiting! :)

  • @Laquisha Samar As a trans muslim WoC I find it disgusting that people like this are being given a voice and platform, not only by the media but even by the student newspaper!

    If we learned one thing from nazi germany it’s that fascists cannot be given a platform. We’re not going to argue fascism to death, we have to smash it. And part of that means we don’t let fascist white supremacists like “Nick B. Steves” (yeah I’m sure that’s your real name, just like those cookies were really from your daughters) or Curtis “Moldbug” Yarvin have a platform in the student news media. If these fascists want to “explain themselves”, let them do it to Colombia antifa at our next rally, not from the comfort of a keyboard.

    Don’t let these people normalize fascism and nazism, their symbol is literally a fascist eagle! Treat them like the toxic waste they are. Shut it down!

    1. jon smith says:

      @jon smith Just an FYI, this is why Trump won. lol

      1. @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective This is why Trump will be removed from office!

        1. jon smith says:

          @jon smith Sure. Sure.

        2. R. says:

          @R. Who will remove him from office? Occupy Washington? Anarchists? Wizards?

          He has disproportionately high support among law enforcement (not widely known, but he was courting police during his campaign), and also the armed forces. Who are very heartened by Trump’s choice of Mattis for secdef.

          In addition, people who own 95% of the guns America has are (so far) broadly supporting him..

    2. Fred Spooge says:

      @Fred Spooge Make Toxic Waste Great Again!

  • Rabbi Herschel Moshe Gieldowitz says:

    @Rabbi Herschel Moshe Gieldowitz This looks very troubling. I have alerted the SPLC just to be on the safe side.

    1. Goldowitz? says:

      @Goldowitz? Not really sure this person exists

      1. Zach Goldstein says:

        @Zach Goldstein Ah, so Rabbi’s have to comment under their real names now? Why don’t you just pin a gold star on him??

        1. Really now says:

          @Really now

  • @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective Alerta Alerta Antifascista!

    The Columbia Queer Antifa Collective calls for a public demonstration outside the library on Wednesday; outside the Columbia library at 2pm! Bring American flags and combustible effigies of notorious traitorqueer Peter Thiel and white power activist Curtis Yarvin/Mencius Moldbug. Nazis off our campus! Smash NERD FASCISM!

    no pasaran!!!!

    1. stay smart says:

      @stay smart Most of the recent comments, including this one, purporting to be against “DarkEn” and “fascism” are really just trolls thinking they can provoke a negative reaction out of sane people. Yes, engage with trolls, but don’t feed them, don’t stoop to their level. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away, but throwing gasoline on it doesn’t do so either.

      1. @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective Uh excuse me? This is liberal AS FUCK. Go back to 101:

        We are literally being KILLED IN THE STREETS by the white supremacist powers that be and you want us to be calm???

        1. stay smart says:

          @stay smart If this post is not disingenuous I apologize and sympathize, but if it is, my point remains.

    2. Questioning says:

      @Questioning Given you have no online presence and you did not denounce SSI’s recent Israel event or Donald Trump when given the opportunity, are you real or are you a plug from the Dark Enlightenment Club?

      1. Columbia Queer Antifa Collective says:

        @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective Security culture 101!!!

  • @Emma Sulkowicz I first heard about the Dark Enlightenment (aka “Neo-Reaction” or just “Reaction”) last year, the year after I graduated from college and was interning at a conservative think tank. I briefly become involved with the Dark Enlightenment and then left the movement in disgust. Here is what I learned:
    – The Dark Enlightenment is controlled by what the media call “Sith Lords”. You have more public Lords like Mencius Moldbug and Nick Land, but there are even some Lords up higher whose names are not revealed. They say the Master Lord says ‘Et Ego in Arcadia’ which is an anagram for ‘Tego Arcana Dei’ (“I hide the secrets of God”).
    – But only the media call them ‘Sith Lords’. In Inner Speak, they will often use phrases like the Men of Númenor or the Eldars.
    – I never met any of the higher Eldars, but I did once meet an Eldar in Training. I don’t know his real name but people called him Legolas. He had long blond hair, was dressed like a 19th century count, and wore a pendant that had both a Christian Cross and Thor’s Hammer on it.
    – The movement is a weird mixture of ethno-nationalists, futurists, monarchists, PUAs (“pick-up artists” like Chateau Heartiste), Trad Catholics, Trad Protestants, etc. They all believe in HBD (what they call “human biodiversity” i.e. racism) but disagree on some other minor points.
    – The religious people in the movement (both Christians and pagans) practice what is called “identitarian religion” (religion that doesn’t deny ethnic identity).
    – Some of the rising stars of the Dark Enlightenment on the internet seem to be Radish Magazine, Occam’s Razor Mag, and Theden TV.
    – The Dark Enlightenment allegedly has millions of dollars of money to play with. They have a couple big donors. One is rumored to be a major tech tycoon in Silicon Valley. They actually had a private 3-day meeting on an island which was furnished with a French chef, etc. Different forms of formal attire were required for each day (tuxedos, 3-piece suits, etc), and some weird costumes were required too (capes, hoods, etc) — which sound like a pagan cult. (I wasn’t at this function but heard about it.)
    – I was initiated into the first stages of the Dark Enlightenment, which involved me stripping down naked so people could “inspect my phenotype”. I was then given a series of very personal questions, often relating to sexual matters. I was then told to put on a black cape. (I really regret doing this but at the time I was younger, more impressionable and eager to please.)
    – For the initial oath taking, everyone must swear on a copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species, just to show their fidelity to HBD. After that, for the later oaths, seculars will swear again on Darwin, while Christians will swear on the Bible, and pagans on the Prose Edda or Iliad.
    – At one of the meetings I heard someone continuously chanting “gens alba conservanda est” (Latin for “the white race must be preserved”) and then others were chanting things in Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse and Old German, but I don’t know those languages so I can’t remember exactly what they were saying.
    – They also have all their own secret handshakes, and their own terminology [like the Cathedral (“political correctness”), thedening (“re-establishing ethnic group identity”), genophilia (“love of one’s own race”), NRx (“neoreaction”), etc.].
    – On the philosophical level, this movement is not entirely original. Much of it is borrowed from the Identitarian movement in Europe. They also all detest democracy. They are not trying to be a “populist movement” but are only trying to convert other elites to their way of thinking.
    This whole movement is like a secret cult, which is why I left. Also, because of the valiant and brave efforts of people on the net exposing this movement, I saw this cult for the evil it truly is. Please stay away from it.

    1. Gianni says:

      @Gianni Terrifying. Thank you for sharing this.

      1. @Emma Sulkowicz Please spread this around campus. These white supremacist MUST be stopped! Who knows what nonconsensual sexual initiation rites are performed on campus?! i call for a take the night march to address this!

        1. @Benjamin K. Itman Mattress Girl is from Thule (*). When global cooling lowers the sea levels and ancient cities rise, she will share a mattress with Fichte and Herder.

          (*) And Atlantis.

  • Anonymous says:


  • yikes says:

    @yikes here come the nazi apologetics

  • @SanguineEmpiric Authoritarian could very well mean having a King, or an Aristocracy above you, Executives managing your patch/realm, a consulate above you in various positions, illiberal authoritarianism, liberal authoritarianism like Von Leddihn. Napolean’s state(prefer not obviously), aristocratic rule like it was in the old world for a lot of asiatic countries, there’s a lot of governments and we don’t give a shit about what you think. Prefer not to exalt the legislature and split it between the other two IMHO.

  • @Nick B. Steves Re: “Literal Nazis”.

    If you’re scared that Neoreaction is “literal Nazis”, then you should be even more scared when you find out that they’re not.

    Literally Nazis are extinct. The US military under the guidance of Ivy League men made darn sure of that. Anyone stupid enough to associate today with the most failed brand in human history is stupid enough not to be a problem.

    So, let’s update our boogeymen, shall we?

  • @SanguineEmpiric Just chiming in here, de-facto member of the dark enlightenment here, we certainly are not the nazi’s or associated with the nazi’s, you can come have a chat with us on twitter, I’m listed on the left hand side of Nick Land’s blog under Sanguine so I should count as a contact. We are not Nazi’s and certainly not fascists, some of our people might prefer authoritarian policies, we are entirely a meta political programme that allows any set of the non-ruinous policies, the dark enlightenment should be thought of as a met apolitical programme with no concrete body of formal work in question that is entirely representative as opposed to inspirations and any random sampling of sets of politics is merely one element out of the set of our metapolitiacal programs, that is there is one thing that is formally negated, leftism or progressivism of any sort.

    It is an ackowledgement of the need for non-monopoly commons, no commons, the existence of too many heterogeneous politics for any sane politics and the need for much smaller polities so we can experiment with politics in general, what this means in practice is a good question, anything from city states to automated private property mechanisms with property defending itself via any sort of valid technologies that provide the mechanism to do so.

    Obvioiusly Mencius is the heir,

    Curt Doolittle’s propertarianism and Nick Land’s neocameralism should serve as sufficient examples, there’s a lot of guys doing a lot of different work here. Please do not continue with your attacks until contacting a viable representative of the community in question.

    Thanks -Sanguine (NOT WHITE, Look at my pictures on the website link below)

  • @Nick B. Steves With the exception of the Germanic Imperial Eagle design, this is a very NRx-looking operation (the old book… in the library… cryptic nature, etc.). Neoreactionaries are not fond of socialism–national or otherwise–and would not incorporate Nazi-looking material into anything they publish. At least not unironically. Also the operation doesn’t advance any neoreactionary goal. Neoreactionaries, under the authority of Hestia Society, do have recruitment operations in NYC, but it’s strictly through established personal relationships. Randoms need not apply–nor would they even know where.

    I won’t say that it is false flag, but it seems to have been at most a trolling operation–to create the exact response (and required grave “tone”) that it did. On that front, it appears to have been quite successful.

  • @Nick B. Steves If you wish to be taken seriously, do not quote rational wiki as an authoritative source. Nearly 20 years separate Nick Land’s last verifiable drug experimentation and the 2012 publication of “The Dark Enlightenment” (which is, yes, thank you anon, the very first goog srch result). That’s not what most people mean by “after”.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Clearly we must rename Columbia “Kaiser’s College”

  • jon smith says:

    @jon smith Also, just to clarify, Moldbug & Land critique modern (post-modern now) democratic liberalism (The Enlightenment), but neither advocate or support Nazism. Nazism was a REACTIONARY movement that went to very bad places (no shit) but was completely predictable in light of the structural limitations & failures of liberalism. They, in fact, suggest or advocate for another solution called neocameralism. Again, they don’t like Nazis. Critiquing liberalism doesn’t necessary make you a Nazi. Or does it? If it does, you need to ask yourself why.

    1. Hold up... says:

      @Hold up... When your line of thinking tends to fall back on the idea of there being a master white race, whether or not you’re a self-described Nazi, you are just as much of a problem as people who describe themselves as such, regardless if you have made up twisted philosophical arguments saying otherwise.

      1. jon smith says:

        @jon smith Thanks for proving my point.

        NRx doesn’t support “a master white race” & no it’s not a post hoc philosophical rational for white nationalism. But you’d know that if you had read the material & had a real understanding of it, instead you sanctimoniously yammer out of your asshole.

    2. Roy Jackson Jr says:

      @Roy Jackson Jr Oh great, old wine in new bottles? “Neo-cameralism”, “neo-nazism”, “neo-reaction”… the goal of this “Dark Enlightenment” seems to be to HOODWINK us by hiding bigotry everyone knows is evil under innocent new names, to trick us into exposing ourselves to hatespeech. In fact, Moldbug uses the name-switching trick on himself, too: like his coward friends, he hides under many aliases, including “Yarvin”, “Moldberg”, and “Menaquinone”

      (I just need to add that it’s shameful that Bwog didn’t confront the racist implications of these white people calling their racist bs the DARK enlightenment in the article. When Bwog goes along with this stigmatization without addressing it and condemning it, you re-encode the normality of whiteness with constant microagressions against PoC!!)

  • jon smith says:

    @jon smith An open letter to an open minded progressive is Moldbug’s most famous essay and is available in multiple locations via google. He defines the Cathedral within. Nick Land’s Dark Enlightenment is on youtube for those curious about the actual content. Just search his name. Moldbug’s piece is long & in 10 or so parts – book length really. Land’s piece is shorter. Best start with Moldbug.

  • Let me google that for you Bwog says:

    @Let me google that for you Bwog Irrespective of subject matter:

    Bwog couldn’t find the original Nick Land dark enlightenment essay.

    It is literally the first google search result.

    Bwog literally step your game up that is pathetic reporting.

  • stack 12 Butler clerk says:

    @stack 12 Butler clerk I worked on 12 for a year. The majority of books have been sent to offside storage that were older and uncirculated. Also, every book was checked when the movement happened as we tried to “trim the fat” on 12. Therefore, I’d say this book has been there for no more than 3 months.

    1. Jaedyn Roth says:

      @Jaedyn Roth Sizeist language like “trim the fat” is triggering, unwelcoming, and unsafe, dudebro, and the Columbia community needs to take a stand against fascists like you. Libraries need to be inclusive environments that actively combat the forces of ableist white supremacist cisheteropatriarchal capitalism.

      1. A Mirror says:

        @A Mirror Umm…did you just assume Stack 12 Butler Clerk’s identity?

        1. stack 12 Butler clerk says:

          @stack 12 Butler clerk s c r e a m i n g

  • stack 12 Butler clerk says:

    @stack 12 Butler clerk So I worked on 12 for a year and the majority of older and non-circulated books were sent to offside storage because of the influx of the Milstein collection. Also, with this movement of books, the book would have been found if it was there. i’d say with confidence that this book as been here for under six months, more likely 3.

  • Concerned citizen says:

    @Concerned citizen You should have the link to the original version you were unsatisfied with come to this page yo.

    1. Ditto says:

      @Ditto Makes sense

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous There is nothing inherently racist about Dark Enlightenment. The blog that it’s based off of spends almost no time even discussing race, mostly just attacking republicans and progressives alike. There is absolutely no reason to think that the phrasing of “The Cathedral” is referencing a Nazi ceremony, not sure how the author got there. “The Cathedral” is a term for a supposed marriage of media and government and it’s something that believers of DE actively despise – believing in and trying to destroy the “Cathedral” is almost the most important tenant of Dark Enlightenment.

    Moldbug never praises Nazis (in fact he draws parallels to facism and Nazis when warning about the dangers of modern progressivism) and never suggests that whites are superior.

    I disagree with DE on a lot of things but I am curious about it and have read in to it to understand it instead of to make angry articles about how it’s a Nazi revival. If you want to do the same:

  • yeah i searched for their reddit forum says:

    @yeah i searched for their reddit forum also this could be useful in terms of fully understanding the different strains of thought of these little nazis/white nationalists/pseudo intellectual racists/alt-righters

    (neoreaction =another word for dark en)

    1. Jaedyn Roth says:

      @Jaedyn Roth There’s nothing to “understand” about them when they’re killing women and POC in the streets. All forms of liberalism exist only to prop up white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy, and we don’t have time for your cryptofascist debate club shit while we’re being slaughtered.

      Combat liberalism. Bash the fash.

  • yeah i searched for their reddit forum says:

    @yeah i searched for their reddit forum in terms of what the “cathedral” means to them . this is the first thing in the description of r/DarkEnlightenment
    Secular progressivism is the memetic descendent of Puritan Calvinism. Blasphemy, inquisition, indoctrination, and brainwashing still occur from the perspective of the progressive religion. Therefore, progressive culture is referred to as “the Cathedral”. The Cathedral consists of influential people in politics, journalism, academia and education acting in an uncoordinated manner to advance progressive principles in society; often deceptively. We do not imply conspiracies.

  • yeah i searched for their reddit forum says:

    @yeah i searched for their reddit forum in terms of what “cathedral” means…. this is on the description for the reddit subforum r/DarkEnlightenment :
    “Secular progressivism is the memetic descendent of Puritan Calvinism. Blasphemy, inquisition, indoctrination, and brainwashing still occur from the perspective of the progressive religion. Therefore, progressive culture is referred to as “the Cathedral”. The Cathedral consists of influential people in politics, journalism, academia and education acting in an uncoordinated manner to advance progressive principles in society; often deceptively. We do not imply conspiracies.”

  • Huh says:

    @Huh I cannot find where Mencius Moldbug is a character in Tess of the d’Urbervilles, or am I misreading what it says?

    1. Finn Klauber says:

      @Finn Klauber Thank you for pointing this out. “The Cathedral” may have a relationship to the text, not Moldbug, which seems to appear out of nowhere.

  • Important details says:

    @Important details Not surprised that bwog left out yet another important detail but the darken posters were circulating in SEPTEMBER, long before this was revealed

    1. Always gotta be that one......person. says:

      @Always gotta be that one......person. Smart Ass.

  • Nicholas Cage says:

    @Nicholas Cage I’m pretty sure that ‘Fake Old Book with Nazi symbols’ is the plot of the next National Treasure movie.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous FINALLY! An activist group with some ZAZZ!

  • Simple_centipede says:

    @Simple_centipede lol these losers are so self important with all this secret messaging stuff.

    People calling these guys “actual nazis” should not worry – as long as they go about spreading their message like their living in a fucking Indiana Jones movie I think there are more pressing matters to combat.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous We’re all doomed. DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED.

  • Harry Potter says:

    @Harry Potter One Horcrux down, how many Horcrux’s do you think are left in the Library?

    1. Hermione Granger says:

      @Hermione Granger You would know if you had read Hogwarts: A History, Harry.

  • MeadofUoden says:

    @MeadofUoden Hi I’m from /r/Anarchism/ on Reddit.

    The symbol on the questionnaires is the antifa and sharps unity logo.

    The questionnaire is used to identify individuals who seek liberation from oppressive systems of control including but not limited to the state, capitalism, racism, sexism, speciesism, and religion.

    We would greatly appreciate it if you could return it to where you found it.

    1. fuck says:

      @fuck he’s from reddit, guys, this shit is serious

      he’s from reddit!! reddit!!!!!

      Hi I’m from /r/Anarchism/ on Reddit.
      Hi I’m from /r/Anarchism/ on Reddit.Hi I’m from /r/Anarchism/ on Reddit.Hi I’m from /r/Anarchism/ on Reddit.Hi I’m from /r/Anarchism/ on Reddit.Hi I’m from /r/Anarchism/ on Reddit.

      ya’ll are tripping with this pizza gate fake book shit. get outside

    2. IndianaJon3s says:

      @IndianaJon3s Nice try, nazi’s

    3. spooky says:

      @spooky this is bullshit, you wouldn’t say you’re interested in “human biodiversity” or “the cathedral” if you were an antifascist. you wouldn’t put “darken” on every pamphlet if you were. you wouldn’t use an eagle as an antifascist symbol.

    4. anonymous says:

      @anonymous this is a lie, the antifa symbols most commonly used are a red flag in front of a black flag (occasionally w a star) or three arrows pointing down and left. the third reich eagle is the third reich eagle and everything in that pamphlet is a neonazi code word (some are more easily googleable than others)

    5. spooky says:

      @spooky this is bullshit, if you were antifa you wouldn’t use the terms “human biodiversity” or “the cathedral” or use nazi imagery and the term “DarkEn” on every pamphlet. take a hike and i hope you don’t get your book back.

    6. end specieism says:

      @end specieism I’m grateful for your efforts against specieism, comrade

      it is 2016, time to get on the right side of history and surrender your children to be raised by the state, bigots

      we will never achieve one world state communism if we tolerate the disparate impact of allowing biological parents to raise their own children

  • spooky says:

    @spooky this reminds me of the “politically incorrect” posters that were circulating around butler in september — remember those? i saw one in the men’s restroom.

    1. anonymous says:

      @anonymous did they have the word DarkEn on them? I heard about those too and it’s the same abbreviation/stylization as these recruitment forms so it’s probably not an isolated incident

      1. spooky says:

        @spooky the styling was different and looked actually kind of goofy, but they did have the term “darken” on them.

        1. anonymous says:

          @anonymous okay yeah then those were probably the same nazis who hollowed out this book. stay vigilant there should be absolutely no platform whatsoever for nazis

          1. A Lowly Stax Worker says:

            @A Lowly Stax Worker We will be keeping our eyes open. For more of these incidents.

          2. Jaedyn Roth says:

            @Jaedyn Roth Keep your eyes open for problematic language like “trim the fat” downthread while you’re at it. These “darken” fuckos aren’t the only Nazis in the library.

  • Kevin says:

    @Kevin BWOG: The term “the Cathedral” is a little mistaken in the article. According to Nick Land, one of the leading philosophers of Dark Enlightenment, referring to the Democratic (not the party but the philosophy) Political Establishment. He quotes another character referred to as “Moldbug” and the quote is as such: “this exercise is the mapping of a ruling entity that is the truly dominant instance of the democratic polity. Moldbug calls it the Cathedral.”

    Hope this is helpful.

    1. Columbia Student says:

      @Columbia Student Yes, but if you are referring to the liberal establishment as “The Cathedral” you are coming at it from a neo-reactionary/Dark Enlightenment stance. Rarely anyone outside of the movement refers to the liberal establishment as “The Cathedral” unless reporting on neo-reactionarism. The use of the term is an indication of where the writer leans.

      1. Kevin says:

        @Kevin I recognize that. I am not coming at it as a Neo-Reactionary, I am comping at it as someone who has been researching these things for class. I just wanted to bring awareness to what I believe the pamphlet is referring to.

        1. Jaedyn Roth says:

          @Jaedyn Roth There’s nothing to “bring awareness to”. No platform for fascists. If you pussyfoot around with this debate club shit about trying to “understand” the Nazi scum who are killing us in the streets, YOU ARE COMPLICIT IN FASCISM. These disgusting animals have to be put down before they kill us all and that’s all there is to it.

          1. :^) says:

            @:^) shut up bitch ur name is Jaedyn

  • Alum says:

    @Alum Do we have any idea how long the fake book was sitting there? It seems this type of hollow book was manufactured a while ago. materials inside could remain in good condition for years if the lid stayed closed.

    Would librarians ordinarily find a fake book in this location quickly? Or is there so little traffic on this particular shelf that it could have sat there for years?

    1. Meh says:

      @Meh Alternative right is a relatively new term though…

    2. spooky says:

      @spooky given how new the alt-right and dark enlightenment is, plus the fact that this book is shelved in the wrong section (placed w/ history instead of literature) suggests that the book was there recently (as in, within a few years). there were posters circulating in september advertising a “DarkEn” in the butler bathroom. and the libraries often shift books over the summer and do shelf readings frequently meaning that someone looks over all the books to make sure they’re in the right place, and would have noticed this book.

    3. A Lowly Stax Worker says:

      @A Lowly Stax Worker Stack 12 has had some book shifting going on. Not sure when it started, but if you go up there you will see carts. Not sure if this book was in that area, but it very well could have been.

      Books are shelved as they are circulated, or if someone is “shelf reading” which is when a worker is tasked to make sure all the books are in the right order via call numbers.

  • Jase says:

    @Jase Ha ha this is not Nazi, no way this book would have stayed on the shelf undetected for over 10, 20 or 50 years! This is for Socialist Alliance, this is how Socialists are recruiting now, very low tech. They target students for their Pro-Palestine conflict, it’s obvious.

  • concerned citizen says:

    @concerned citizen BWOG, it’s spelled d’Urbervilles … smh

    1. Fred Spooge says:

      @Fred Spooge Nazi!

  • What's the big deal? says:

    @What's the big deal? It’s fine, they’re not anti Semitic, they’re just against the Israeli occupation

    1. ??? says:

      @??? literally what? THEY ARE NAZIS. Why are you making this about Palestine

      1. Mike Cantelon says:

        @Mike Cantelon Curtis Yarvin is a Jewish Nazi?

    2. anonymous says:

      @anonymous shut the fuck up whether you’re a troll or you’re saying this seriously

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous It’s irony. Anti Zionism is frequently a politically acceptable excuse/cover for anti semitism.

  • seriously says:

    @seriously this isn’t fucking cute you really shouldn’t be trying to be cute about this the reason they’re not doing a google form is because they’re literally nazis, it is abundantly clear in their symbolism and their language and some taking this seriously or googling could have shown you that

  • this isn't really a mystery says:

    @this isn't really a mystery these are literally nazis they even have the third reich eagle symbol this is actually a really terrifying discovery especially since if it was an attention seeking prank they wouldn’t have just waited for some random student worker to flip open a well concealed cache of recruitment papers using nazi code words and symbolism

    1. Curious says:

      @Curious Has administration or library staff been reached out to for comment?

    2. quityourbullshit says:

      @quityourbullshit The “Dark Enlightenment” isn’t anything close to Nazism. Do yourself a favor and read some of those links in the article.

      1. YOUquitYOURbullshit says:

        @YOUquitYOURbullshit Ok. Clicked the links and guess what: It’s neo-fascism.
        Short list of things this movement advocates for:
        – Eugenics
        – Abolishment of democracy
        – The idea that non-whites are genetically inferior

        SURE– not Nazism at all.

        Here is a theory: many middle/upper-middle class white males aren’t as smart or successful as they think they should be, so their “neo-reactionary” (Nazist) attitudes are a result of how shocked they are to learn about just how fucking inferior they are. But instead of getting smarter and competing harder, they’d like to rig everything to make sure they are always successful while doing as little work as possible. And instead of basing their attitudes on facts and data, they just make up mythologies about Aryan supremacy to suit their ignorance.

        1. Columbia Queer Antifa Collective says:

          @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective yes! exactly! mediocre white white do things like organize secret NEOREACTIONARY RAPE SQUADS on campus to rape woke feminists. we need to organize and expose these VILE RAPE NERDS before they strike! Transwomen of color are the most vulnerable people on campus and we need to take MILITANT steps to correct this AT ONCE before THE CYBERNETIC RAPENING BEGINS.

          We demand that the student union and campus authorities take IMMEDIATE steps to destroy ALL Evola books on campus.

        2. Columbia Queer Antifa Collective says:

          @Columbia Queer Antifa Collective YOUquitYOURbullshit – as a proud transwoman of colour, I have a womyn’s brain and powers of our innate ways of knowing. Stay strong comrade – I sense that you too are a proud WOC. I know that together we can defend our hard won affirmative action and place in the managerial apparatus.


          1. quityourbs says:

            @quityourbs Uhuru!

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