A picture of Columbia's Harmony Hall

Have you seen my dorm?

Columbia students really aren’t the best with maps. Whether we’re trying to figure out how Barnard works or asking international students for their images of America’s downfall, we’re learning at Bwog that you should probably have a map handy wherever you go instead of trying to remember it yourself. In this edition, we ask CC and Barnard students to fill out a map of Columbia’s dorms… they’re not pretty.

A brief presentation of our findings:

1. Nobody Knows where Harmony Is
Responding students called Harmony (on 110th) the following:
“Carlton Arms” (more than once)
“West Side” (more accurately, this should be the decaying husk of D’Agostino’s)

2. Hartley? Wallach? Both
Getting Hartley and Wallach mixed up is basically a 50/50 chance.
Some students decided to label the two buildings together as “HartleyWallach.”
“John Jay” and “EC” were also some very wrong guesses.
At least they were recognized as a pair – our musician called them “Mi” and “Fa.”

3. Is River Real?
Several students just left the line totally blank…
Even students who put down River often doubted themselves.
Other than Harmony, River was the most missed dorm.

– Columbia students actually understand their dorms pretty well!
– Barnard students really don’t know Columbia dorms, and they hate them.
– River and Harmony are mythical places not meant for mortal residence.
– Maybe we should just call everything Furnald.

A dorm, somewhere on campus, maybe, via our File Photos