Pick up the phone baby

Before you head to class (or if you’re already in your 8:40– yikes!), check out our improved Bwoglines. Get a taste of what’s happening somewhere else, right here in NYC, and right-right here on campus. 

Happening in the world: President Obama cut short Chelsea Manning’s sentence with 3 days left in his presidency. Manning, a transgender woman imprisoned for leaking military secrets to Wikileaks, was scheduled to be released in 2045 but will be freed this May instead. (New York Times)

Happening in NYC:  The New York state senate voted down a bill that would have allowed a five cent fee on plastic bags in New York City. After contentious debate, the bill will now head to the State Assembly. (Gothamist)

Happening on campus:  ONYX, the only all women’s hip-hop dance troupe on campus, is hosting their Spring auditions today! It will be in Lerner E477 at 8PM.

Overheard: “I woke up with mouse shit in my bed.”

An Old Celebrity Tweet: 


I know you’re home baby via ABC