screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-2-54-42-pmDo you aspire to be a journalist, reporting on news that resonates with the lives of thousands, quenching the unquenchable thirst of knowledge of the lusty students dwelling in Morningside Heights? Do you wish to become a writer, pouring your heart out and digging into your deepest thoughts, just to have an anonymous Bwog commenter demand you, in solemn imperative, to “suck the biggest, veiniest cock”? Do you imagine an utopian future, where there would be no “ashamed alums” calling you out because your article is “rife with grammatical and spelling mistakes”?

If your answers to all the questions above are affirmative, come to Bwog today at Lerner 505, 7 pm. Spec may have size, but we have love.

For more info, visit the FB event page.

poster via Betsy Ladyzhets