Wow, the people of Southern California must really be loving this rain!

Happy Monday, y’all! This week, it seems as if midterms are beginning to creep upon us. You know what that means: shit. Yeah, you thought that was going to be something witty. Nope. Just shit. Anyway, here are your Bwoglines for today! 

Happening in the nation: It rained in California this weekend. Actually, let me rephrase that: It downpoured in California this weekend. Wait, ya know what, just one more try: All of Southern California is literally underwater. The region got over five inches of rain in one weekend, which doesn’t sound like that much (?) but apparently is. For all our Californians out there, we suggest Amazon Prime-ing this to your home address ASAP.

Happening in NYC: Another day, another rally. Yesterday, hundreds flooded Times Square (but not like usual) to protest the potential for a Muslim ban under the Trump administration. Mayor De Blasio was even in attendance. The rally, boasting the tagline “I Am A Muslim Too,” was a massive display of good ole New York solidarity.

Happening on campus: If you’ve been dying to learn more about Shabbat, you’re in luck! Tonight in the Kraft Center, Columbia/Barnard Hillel is hosting an event to teach you (yes, you!) the ins and outs of Shabbat. Stop by Kraft 6A at 7:30 to hear what they have to say!

Overheard: While at the Liberty Gala on Friday night… “I’m NOT Jewish! I got a nose job to prove it!”

Found this video in the depths of reddit while wicked stoned. Get ready to flip your shit. 

The Seas Strangest Square Mile from Shark Bay Films on Vimeo.

Photo of man loving Southern California via Stockfresh