Too cool to keep warm

Last weekend’s weather was great. We were all excited to tan our hairy legs after seeing the sun for the first time since October. But it seems that while some of us were busting out our Chubbies shorts, others had bigger plans to cherish those 12 hours of 65 degrees.

Last night, around 8 pm, a black convertible BMW was seen parked outside of Barnard dorm 616. By then, the weather had definitely changed from South Beach to South Ferry—a chilly 46 degrees—so we totally understand why the driver was snuggled up in a cozy Canada Goose.

But all understanding goes out the window (literally) when we wonder why he had the top down. He was revving his engine pretty frequently; perhaps he broke a sweat from pressing the gas so much and needed to cool off?

Photo via Bwog Staff