The room where Barnard students’ futures will be decided…

Although Bwog has traditionally covered Columbia Housing in great detail (with up-to-date Google Docs spreadsheets and liveblogs), we’ve never extended similar coverage that system’s somewhat more confusing sister: Barnard Housing. This year, Barnard Housing takes place on three days: rising senior selection is on Friday, March 24, rising junior selection is on Tuesday, March 28, and rising sophomore selection is on Friday, March 31. With junior selection quickly approaching tomorrow, we are providing a brief overview of all of the prime Barnard Housing options currently remaining.


  • Currently remaining: Almost everything, as all that’s been picked so far are studio singles and a couple of one single, one double suites. So, you’re looking at: nine more studio singles, ten studio doubles, three studio triples, two single-double suites, eight two-double suites, three double-triple suites, four three-double suites, and a few options to pick into a suite (in groups of two or four).
  • Bwog’s recommendation: Sharing a triple as an underclassman may seem demeaning, but 110 triples are huge – a whopping 25 by 13 feet. The N1 triple-double suites are a great option for groups of five who really like each other but just couldn’t find a sixth person to even out their suite number.
  • How long will this dorm last? Well into junior day, if not well into sophomore day. 110’s slightly far walk, odd suite numbers, and eccentricities tend to keep potential tenants at bay.


  • Currently remaining: Pretty much everything – five studio doubles, eight doubles within suites, one single-double suite, three two-double suites, two sets of two doubles within suites, and 17 three-double suites.
  • Bwog’s recommendation: Anything on the fifth floor or lower, facing Broadway or 116th (i.e. B, C, or D suites). You’ll want to be on a lower floor to save yourself from 600’s slow elevators, and you’ll want to have windows facing the street to (at least partially) save yourself from inevitable oppressive heat in a dorm without AC.
  • How long will this dorm last? Definitely into sophomore day. So many rising juniors are eager for singles at this point in their college careers that even though 600’s doubles are big, they’ll pick Plimpton over it.


  • Currently remaining: Around half of the dorm – one single within a suite, nine doubles within suites, one set of two singles and a double within suites, two three singles and one double suite, two four singles and one double suites, and twelve two singles and two doubles suites.
  • Bwog’s recommendation: If you’re in a group of six, try for an A or B suite – they face Broadway, so you’ll have nice views and airflow, and the doubles are fairly sizable (up to 17.5 by 13 ft).
  • How long will this dorm last? Not too long, as many juniors consider it their most preferable option (if the current discourse in the Class of 2019 Facebook page is anything to go by).


  • Currently remaining: It’s almost gone – one single within a suite, two doubles within a suite, two sets of two doubles within a suite, one three singles and a double suite, and six two singles and two doubles suites.
  • Bwog’s recommendation: If your group can go for 620, anything in 620, do it. It’s really quality apartment-style living – most of the suites have actual common rooms – and living there as a junior will make you feel superior even when the rest of your life is falling apart.
  • How long will this dorm last? All the suites will be snatched up before most groups even have the chance to consider 620.

Cathedral Gardens:

  • Currently remaining: Very little – one studio double, two two singles and a double suites, and two sets of two singles and a double within a suite.
  • Bwog’s recommendation: Similarly to 620 – if you have a small group with a high lottery number and you can get into CG, do it. Maybe you’ll be late to all of your classes next year, but the hardwood and fancy bathrooms will make it all worth it.
  • How long will this dorm last? Most rising juniors will barely even realize it exists.


  • Currently remaining: Everything, and we mean everything – all of those cramped singles and doubles are still available.
  • Bwog’s recommendation: Why are you even reading this? Leave hell to the sophomores.
  • How long will this dorm last? It’ll last past sophomore day, maybe even until the end of time.


  • Currently remaining: Over 100 singles, and a much less significant number of doubles.
  • Bwog’s recommendation: If you’re going to go for Hewitt, try to be classy and get a higher floor with a nice view of Claremont (i.e. odd-numbered rooms).
  • How long will this dorm last? Into sophomore day for sure. Most rising juniors aren’t too keen on sharing a kitchen with about fifty first-years.


  • Currently remaining: Quite a bit – ten doubles within suites, four groups of four singles within suites, and 30 four singles and one double suites.
  • Bwog’s recommendation: If you want Plimpton, try for a renovated suite (that is, the ones on the seventh and eighth floors), then go for the lower floors. Sure, the views are nice up top, but the Plimpton elevators are so slow, your view of Amsterdam just isn’t worth it.
  • How long will this dorm last? Into sophomore day, although there won’t be many decent suites left by then.

Sulz Tower:

  • Currently remaining: Almost nothing. The only options left are halves of doubles, available on the 11th, 13th, and 14th floors.
  • Bwog’s recommendation: If you’re picking by yourself and are willing to take your chances on a random roommate, try for the 14th floor! You’ll probably be living with cool seniors, and the views will be incredible.
  • How long will this dorm last? About half an hour into individual selection on Tuesday.

If you still haven’t found your group yet, don’t sweat it – just put the Barnard Class of 2019 Facebook group on notification alert and keep messaging people until something clicks. We’re rooting for you!

Brooks Lounge via Nine Ways of Knowing Blog