Still trying to figure out where to live next year? Don’t worry, Bwog is here with another Housing Review! Want to live in a nice building with great facilities and don’t mind taking a nice walk every day? Check out 47 Claremont!

Location: 47 Claremont

  • Nearby dorms: Far from all other Columbia dorms, but right next to Elliot and close to the Quad and the 600s.
  • Stores and restaurants: Pretty close to Pisticci, Liquors on La Salle, Broadway au Lait, and other good places north of campus. In terms of places near campus, the closest are MoWil and Vine.


  • The cost for upperclassman housing is now standard: $9,292


  • Bathrooms: One per suite, which can be difficult for the 7-person suites, but they’re super nice and are cleaned weekly.
  • AC/Heating: No AC. The heat works well, but the pipes clank loudly in the middle of the night.
  • Kitchen/lounge: The kitchen is a nice size, but is also the only common space in the suite. Appliances include an oven, microwave, and large refrigerator. The fire alarm sometimes goes off when you’re cooking.
  • Laundry: In the basement, which was just renovated.
  • Fire escapes: Every suite has them, but you can’t really sneak out on them unless it’s night.
  • Computer/printers: Two computers in the basement and one printer in the lobby
  • Gym: New since the basement was renovated. Has two treadmills and an elliptical.
  • Elevators: Only one, and it’s slow as fuck. It never gets gross, though, à la Carman or EC.
  • Hardwood/carpet: Hardwood floors.

Room variety:

  • 6 3-person suites; all singles.
  • 6 4-person suites; all singles.
  • One 5-person and 6-person suite on the first floor; one double and the rest singles in each.
  • 10 7-person suites; two large doubles, one large single, one medium single, and one infamously small single (as little as 80 sq. ft.).


  • 3-person suites: 20/432 last year, 30/1119 the year before
  • 4-person suites: 30/2792 last year, 27.5/2425 the year before
  • 5-person suite on the first floor: 30/2869 last year, 28/2912 the year before
  • 6-person suite on the first floor: 20/333 last year, 20/1335 the year before
  • 7-person suites: 20/2980 last year, 10/1378 the year before

Bwog recommendation:

It’s far from campus and from where the rest of your friends are living. It’s also across from the construction site at Barnard, which can get pretty loud sometimes! The residents tend to be quiet, but the construction is not (luckily, they don’t usually work late). Overall, Claremont is a nice building that is a little annoying to walk to.

Resident opinions:

  • “The facilities outweigh the walk! The set-up is nice and they’re responsive if you have maintenance requests.”
  • “The construction noises are really annoying.”
  • “A MESAAS major? Going to Knox for all your classes? Now it’s only three blocks away!”
  • “I miss being closer to Westside and 1020, to be honest.”