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Why Is John Jay Dining Hall Always Playing Sex Music?

It’s a Thursday morning–you’ve already slept through your 10:10 (whoops), and you’re in need of some nourishment. You roll into John Jay at around 11, half-asleep and seeking an egg white omelet, and you’re immediately greeted by Yung Berg shouting/growling, “SE-XY! CAN! I!”

It’s a jarring experience–serving yourself some cereal as Drake croons, “I’m trying to lay you down, down, down…,” or sipping coffee to Ciara’s “Body Party.” One Bwogger raised the possibility that John Jay simply shuffles a “slow jams” playlist in the morning, but that doesn’t explain why another Bwogger heard them playing Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” while waiting in the egg line.

If you’re trying to get in the mood (for John Jay breakfast or for some physical intimacy), check out our playlist below:

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