Thank you, facilities, for helping us banish mice like this one.

As a student body, we spend a lot of time hating on our school. The administration, social structures, and other problematic things on our campus often put us in a negative rut. Today, Bwog wants to switch perspective and focus on the pure greatness around us. Specifically, can we just talk about how amazing our facilities and other building staff members staff are?

Let me tell you a story about seven girls and nine mice living together in a 600 suite. These girls returned to their suite after winter break, settled back into their rooms, and called George, the building superintendent. There was not one, but a family, of mice making the gap between their pantry and the floor a nice little mouse nest for the winter. But not for long, since George immediately came to the rescue.

George responded to their call like lightning, laying dozens mouse traps around the apartment as if it were his regular business hours. It was probably like 11pm or something like that. Nonetheless, he came to their rescue. Not only did George set the traps, but offered to return to the suite every time a mouse was caught to help dispose of it. Seriously– what a hero.

George does other things within our building to brighten people’s lives every day. He always holds the elevator. He smiles at everybody and asks you how your day has been. He makes sure that students’ issues are his first priority, and that they’re comfortable in their living spaces. He signs a deal with Shake Shack to make sure students have the best possible food around them.

600s is not the only building with a great superintendent, nor are superintendents the only unsung heroes of our on-campus residential experiences. The mechanic-on-duty, who will come at any hour to help you when your fuse has blown, and the other facilities staff, who make sure the building is always clean and happy, deserve some genuine appreciation.

Bwog has heard great things about literally the entire building staff in 110. “They are the kindest souls on earth,” says 110 resident Becky Novik. In Carman, Mike the security guard always has Bwoggers’ backs. “Once my ID kinda stopped working and I was like Mike so many bad things happen to me. And Mike was like ‘bad things happen in life but you gotta keep your head up, promise?’” says Bwogger Youngweon Lee, thankful for the uplifting words of advice and solidarity. Honestly, we can’t think of any building staff that isn’t truly amazing 99% of the time. If any of them are the slightest bit rude to us, we have to take credit that it’s because we’re being incredibly annoying. Bwogger Jack Treanor is thankful for Antionio Javier, who works in John Jay: “He’s unbelievably nice and always wants to know how my day is. He’s always smiling and upbeat. Such a cool guy.” In the Quad, there’s Rose, who is always kind and amazing. “They’re all really nice and I just think it’s really impressive how much they deal with–like some really gross, nasty, stuff–and still manage to smile at us on the daily. Major props,” says a Hewitt resident. Our sentiments exactly.