How much absinthe did YOU drink this weekend? Too much? Not enough?

This weekend was, quite frankly, just plain weird. I’m honestly struggling to find any cohesive theme from all these field notes except that they’re all just. plain. weird. Anyways, check ’em out. Y’all were up to some wacky shit. 

Weird shit:

  • Took a picture of a middle-aged Asian man in front of an out of order men’s bathroom in Fort Washington Park. I have no idea why he asked me to do this, but it seemed very important to him.
  • Went to the Cooper Hewitt and honestly it was very boring and not worth the trip back in which I had to chase down an M4 bus in the freezing rain.
  • Thought I was gonna die on Friday but it was just a bad cold. Was taken care of and kissed. Gonna get sick more, if possible.
  • Met friend’s friend’s 40 year old boyfriend in Bronxville. Dude smoked a cig in his living room while watching Transformers. Goals.
  • Have had the hiccups for the past two days.
  • Threw up in a bus toilet wearing a silk formal dress and 6 inch heels. Was not even hungover/drunk just get bad bus sickness.
  • Smoked a bong with my older brother and listened to him reminisce on his undergrad days. Sibling bonding.
  • Went to the opera. Got coughed/farted on by a lot of old people.
  • Ate some dope xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) in Flushing. 10/10 worth the hour long subway ride.
  • Blacked out at the Sigma Nu semiformal and got carried back to Carman barefoot. Almost got CAVAd for the first time (but didn’t).
  • Got exceedingly wine drunk with my brother at a Michelin Star restaurant downtown (while my mother picked up the tab).

Pretty regular shit:

  • Made a Tinder.
  • Spilled Beta juice on my silk pj shirt which was NOT cool.
  • Tried absinthe. Had too much absinthe.
  • Was initiated into a srat.
  • Went to my first frat party! Now know to be way more drunk next time.
  • Threw a surprise birthday party for a friend.
  • Got a summer internship that is actually paid!
  • Subsisted solely on free pizza for the entirety of Friday.
  • Cried over the Walking Dead finale instead of doing my homework.
  • Bought my first ever bottle of alcohol.
  • Got a bottle of rum from someone as an apology for knocking on my door at 6 in the morning on Saturday.
  • Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge with my mom!
  • Finally got a backpack. It’s April.
  • Quit my sorority.

Photo via Stranger and Stranger