Local loft lookin’ lit.

This weekend was one for the books, friends. Only just a few more until the end of the semester and we can all go the fuck home (or wherever we’ll be). For now, let’s just be thankful that we survived. 

Accomplishments, actually:

  • Went to DC to lobby Congress for progressive gun control reform!! Yay #tuckfrump
  • Celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend!
  • Lied a little bit and got staff passes to the Tribeca Film Festival. Spent the day eating free bougie food in a very aesthetic studio in Tribeca. There was an open bar.
  • Got caught in the rain during a very lesbian-aesthetic date in Riverside Park. This only heightened the lesbian aesthetic.
  • Went downtown to buy a birthday present for my dad; ended up buying a present for myself.
  • Sat through a really interesting discussion on young media in a swanky SoHo loft.
  • Hooked up with two different guys.
  • Partied with a bunch of NYU Local kids and felt ~cool.
  • Got drunk at prof’s house on Sunday night.
  • Baked non-pot brownies in a pie plate with Timmy on 4/20.

Not necessarily an “accomplishment,” per se:

  • Got my Delaware fake taken because I recited my California address to the bouncer.
  • Walked in on three men having a threesome in the women’s room of a divey East Village bar.
  • Somehow ended up making out with a stranger at a GW frat party who also didn’t go to GW? Weird.
  • Left my debit card at 1020 on Saturday night and had to go back Sunday afternoon to close my tab.
  • Showed up to Saturday’s hookup covered in hickeys from Friday’s hookup. He didn’t notice.
  • Left my wallet on a megabus on the way to DC. Lost my credit card, my real ID, my fake ID, and a metro card with $50 on it. Somehow retained my CUID.

Image via me