Martin Shkreli, known as the pharma-bro CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals who raised the price of HIV/AIDS drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750, joined the columbia buy sell memes Facebook group late last night. Since joining, he has made bad jokes about Barnard students, Skyped a group of students huddled around a laptop in ButCaf, alleged that he is suing a student for making a meme about him, and promised to buy students drinks tonight at a bar near campus. Some students have responded by joking around with Shkreli or asking him for summer internships, whereas others have sought to remind people that his price gouging had serious effects on people’s lives.

This is not the first time Shkreli has entered a college meme group–his previous adventures involved stints in those of Harvard and Princeton. He will apparently be at Mel’s tonight–we’ll keep you updated of any new developments.