Who really won the Greek Games?

Tired of responding to random people’s “Vote for Me!” Facebook events? You’re in luck; SGA voting is officially closed! After extending the voting period from Monday 3pm to midnight (because of a miscommunication with BCIT in which voting had been closed early), the official results have finally been counted and announced. Here’s the list of your newly elected representatives:

Senate: Kira Dennis

Executive Board:

President: Angela Beam
VP of Policy: Alicia Simba
VP of Campus Life: Aku Acquaye
VP of Finance: Evelyn Mccorkle
VP of Communications: Rhea Nagpal

At-Large Representatives: 

Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees: Tamar Dayanim
Academic Affairs: Shoshana Edelman
Equity & Inclusion: Kashaf Doha
Campus Affairs: Mia Lindheimer
Seven Sisters Relations: Julia Pickel
Information & Technology: Tahsina Saosun
Arts & Culture: Chloe Morris
Health Services: Valerie Jaharis
Food & Dining Services: Sarah Broniscer
Sustainable Initiatives: Sylvie Rosen

Class Councils: 

2018: Ambika Mookerjee (President), Masha Ikromova (Vice President)
2019: Aashna Singh (President), Surbhi Lohia (Vice President)
2020: Rose Reiken (President), Gabi Garcia (Vice President)