Panicked? Tired? We get it.

It’s the end of the semester, and everyone’s getting tired. We’re tired, the dogs who sometimes meander across Low are tired, even Prezbo’s weather machine is tired (of making it look as though summer has come early for Days on Campus). But few people are more tired than our professors, who have had to give lectures, grade papers, and put up with our bullshit for the entire semester.

As our professors get more tired, we know they’re going to slip up. Maybe they’ll switch their lecture notes and their grocery list, or tell a wild story about their time studying abroad in Amsterdam (the city, not the street), or answer a phonecall from a pornographic film producer in the middle of class. Whatever happens, we want to hear about it.

Send your professor’s weird shit (a.k.a. closing remarks) to by 11:59 pm next Monday, May 1. You can also send them through our anonymous form, or leave them in the comments on this post. It’d be helpful if you could include your professor’s name and the name of your class, if possible.