A Missed Connection Facebook post asking to meet someone whom they saw at a Yankees/Red Sox game during NSOP.

All students should own Barnard hoodies

Remember Columbia Admirers? A powerful tool during its prime, CA has been plagued by its on-again, off-again… existence. But where can you turn when that cutie in John Jay walks out of your life? New writer Lucy Danger took matters into her own hands by forming a new Facebook group.

Last winter, at an event in my hometown, I saw someone in a Barnard sweatshirt. As the first person from my high school to ever come to Barnard or Columbia, this was really exciting. I went up to her and it turned out she was a student taking a semester off; she was from the next town over. I got her number and email but, of course, promptly lost both. Gone forever, I assumed.

But once I arrived on campus in August, I saw that this was not a unique phenomenon. The idea of missed connections started on Craigslist (mostly in the context of missed romantic connections) years ago, and has flourished since. I decided that Barnumbia needed something like this, for romantic use or otherwise. Thus, the “Barnard/Columbia Missed Connections” Facebook group was born. If you can’t imagine how you’d ever benefit from this, here are some examples of uses for the group!

  • To the really hot guy who left his dishes on the table at John Jay on Tuesday morning: hit me up to teach you some manners. I can see a future for us together, but not one where I’m always picking up after you.
  • Hey @ the girl with silver braids who handed me a drink at the Beta party on Saturday night. I got too drunk right after that to tell you, but I dig your hair. Message me if you remember me!
  • There’s a person who’s always walking their really cute white fluffy dog by Butler in the afternoons, please PLEASE hit me up if you ever want someone to walk your dog with you or need a dogsitter!!
  • Hellooooo to the person in the Columbia tshirt crowdsurfing during Weezer at Meadows the other day, pls tell me who you are because they’re literally my favorite band and I want someone to go to their concerts with!!!
  • To the girl in Diana listening to SZA really loudly last night: rock on and message me if you want to listen to music together sometime!
  • Hello, person who helped me with #4 on the homework in Life in the Universe on Tuesday, please PLEASE message me!! I also need help with #5.

And the list goes on. The point is, now there’s a way to make that one-time hookup into a relationship (or a two-time hookup), reach out to the chem genius who always helps you in class for formal tutoring, or just find people whose names you’ve forgotten (if you’re as bad with names as your professors). Connect away!