nostalgic for days past (summer)

The first week of shopping period was stressful, but in one of those nice ways where you don’t have too much work by the time the weekend rolls around. We all find different ways to release that stress, some of us uptown, some of us down. Some people don’t even leave their room, because what’s the big deal about New York anyway? Here’s what we did:

Making our way: 

  • Had my first sober pee in Mel’s.
  • Witnessed a man who looked like he’d stepped out of a portal from the 1920s on the one train.
  • Made a bunch of people cry.
  • Made matzah ball soup out of a box.
  • Went to Tom’s with my dad and my girlfriend.
  • Partied with some of my first years from my NSOP group #OLlife
  • Fell asleep at Hungarian while trying to read Plato’s Republic.
  • Spent $95 at Trader Joes getting my pantry “stocked,” but continued to order take out instead of cooking my own food.
  • Got a fever.
  • Went to Appletree 3 nights in a row. On the second night I bonded with 2 cops whilst inebriated.
  • Went to Beta for the first time! Ended up leaving after 20 mins because they stopped playing music?
  • Befriended these guys from SUNY Maritime and dumped them on frat row after they made fun of Long Island.
  • Learned Git.


  • Ate a chili pepper from a plant at the farmers market and lost all my street cred (was way too spicy for me).
  • Went to ikea for a dish rack and came back with a whole ass tree.
  • Partied with NY Fashion Week models in Bushwick; still not entirely convinced I didn’t dream the entire experience.
  • Spent 4 hrs getting my hair highlighted but got a dope student discount. Love my hairdresser!
  • Almost pissed myself in an Anthropologie from laughing too hard with my best friend.
  • Had a wonderful time reuniting with my babysitting fam!
  • Remembered the hell of trying to get people to pay in Venmo in exchange for goods and services.